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Ashe the Frost Killer

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Hey guys, i've played this only for 2 days. But i'm trying to help a new players. Now i'm going to give you ashe's guide to become a late game killer, carry, and support.

Contents :
1. Runes&Masteries
2. Spells
3. Items
4. Skills
5. Strategy
6. Conclusion

Part 1 Runes and Masteries
Ashe runes and masteries is up to you but i suggest some of runes you should use.
First is the one that increase critical chance then critical damage next is the one with dodge last attack speed. That runes will help you a lot in killing. You could get movement speed (if there is the rune) to ensure killing. And how about masteries? It depends on what spell you use. But because this guide's for early gamers i suggest at lvl 1 increase Deadliness at offense fopr critical and at lvl 2 icrease Haste at utility to make your "ghost" spell has its maximum potential. But it goes back to you again, it just suggestion don't do it if it doesn't suit you a lot. But for high level players you should get Plentiful bounty mastery because it boost your gold when you use Smite.

Part 2 Spells
Ashe has many types. But we will make her a killer type so for early gamers take heal and ghost (lvl2) to make you stay in line longer and ensure escapes or kills. In lvl 1 you don't have any choice except Heal and Exhaust. But for lvl 10 players you could get Smite and Flash. Smite will help you in farming and Flash will help you in chasing and escaping.

Part 3 Items
In this guide we will maximize Ashe ability in killing, for you who play DotA this Ashe is resemble to Traxex, the Drow Ranger.
Here are the items:
1. BloodThirster
2. Boots of Swiftness/Berseker's Greave
3. Black Cleaver
4. Infinity Edge<The game should has already finished before you could finish this items>
5. Phantom Dancer
6. Phage

Items Explanation:
First BloodThirster will give you both life steal and damage. Boots of Swiftness will give you speed but Berseker's Greave will give you less speed but more attack speed the choice is yours. Next you finish Black Cleaver to boost damage, you should be a little easy in killing. Next hurry rush to Infinite Edge because the game should starting to show the winner already. If you get this you will become a monster because of your damage and critical. The next items will boost your other statuses even if they're still boost your damage.

Part 4 Skills
This is my Ashe skills guide
Ashe skills are

Frost Shot(FA)
Slow enemies in each shot. This is your main skill in killing. This is a toggle ability, when active drains 8 mana each attack.

She fires 9 arrows in a cone and slows enemies based on current level of frost shot. This will ensure your kill.

Plentiful Bounty(PB)
This skill will give you more money each kill. A very helpful skill because it stack with "Plentiful Bounty" Mastry skill. At level 5 if you use smite you'll get 10 bonus gold!

Enchanted Crystal Arrow(ECW)
Your ulti, this skill is a global skill, it walk through creeps, buildings, and walls even forest. It deals great damage and stop enemy's movement. This skill could save your friend's life, Stop enemies, and ensure kills. Only damage Heroes

You got this skill even before you spent your skill points. YOU MUST KNOW HOW THIS WORK BECAUSE THIS SKILL IS VERY HELPFUL IN DAMAGING ENEMIES. This skill increase your critical chance when you are NOT attacking so if you play stealthly and when your enemy is alone attack him with Frost Arrow Active and see your enemy's health bar falling with your criticals above it.

There 2 type of them and it depends oon your ally.
If you go solo/ your ally is not a disabler nor a great killer pick the first one and play patiently
But if your ally is a disabler(Stunner, Anivia,) or incredible killer pick the second

1. FA
2. PB
3. V
4. FA
5. PB
6. ECW
7. FA
8. FA
9. FA

1. FA
2. V
3. PB
4. FA
5. FA
6. ECW
7. FA
8. V
9. FA

Part 5 Strategy

Early Game:
Buy Vampiric Scepter and go to the top or bottom lane. Quickly hide inside the grass (you become invisible inside the grass but enemies will see you when they touch the grass) if your friend is a disabler or a great killer, it will be easier to get early game kills. If you get the spell smite, use whenever the cooldown replenished, use Frost Arrow only to heroes, DON"T USE IT TO CREEPS IT WILL BE A WASTE OF MANA. Try to last hitting from inside the grass as much as you can. Hit enemy's heroes whenever close to you while you have Frost Arrow active. If your friend is a disabler or a great killer when their hp below half give that hero a ping (using alt) and hit him as much as you can right after your friend disable him. And if his health 1 stripe or lower use volley to finish, more than that (2 or a little bit more than that) use volley to damage him (while frost arrow active) and finish him with one shot (if he still far from tower), if he close to tower look at your hp if it still full. Activate ghost and come near the hero finish him and quickly move away from tower. if you has flash right after finishing him flash to the forest. When the enemy's hero try to finish your friend shot him as much as you can (with Frost arrow of course) and if you already hit lvl 6 and has enough mana use your ulti. That will kill him. If your hp is low use flash or ghost to escape. Finish boots of swiftness or if you kill and farm a lot buy boots of speed and buy B. F. Sword. There is another strategy in killing, give your enemy chance to push and you still in the grass wait silently, when they're near tower come out and do the strategy (make sure the hero has no ally, minions are okay because you also have yours. Don't forget to check up your hp, this strategy doesn't ensure kill if you go alone so care your hp)

Mid Game
You has your ulti and some of your items. Finish Bloodthirster as quickly as you can. After you got that 2 items quickly finish black cleaver. While finishing go help your friends. Help the is chasing, killing and save their lives. Don't Forget your life also, stay outside the range of stunner because you have TINY HP. Don't fight a spellcaster alone because their spells hurts. Your critical for now is hurt very much to almost all heroes except tankers. Finish the mid game with Black Cleaver.

End game
Almost all heroes in game got their items already. And so are you your critical is hurt many of enemy's heroes now. Quickly help your friends in pushing or defending while patiently search the time to kills. Quickly finish Infinte Edge and your critical will kill all heroes below half health alone just with a few shot (with frost arrow active). Use ulti just like early game to saves friends, kills and disables enemies. Your game will end shortly so don't bother to go back and finish items. But if the game last that long quick finish the remaining items, you could chose either Phage or Phantom dancer. Phage will give you survivability and Phantom dancer will improve your killing ability.

Part 7 Conclusion
This type of Ashe kills almost every heroes easily but she has a tiny hp so DON"T GO ALONE AT LATE GAME. And always stay outside disablers range.