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Veigar help

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I have been playing veigar a lot and with this build I have nearly no mana issues.

First off make sure you mastery for the extra mana regen. Start the game with the 7 mp5 item and two pots. Masteries that item and mp5 per lvl seals will allow you to spam your q for last hits. On my first back I get boots and a tear. I get tear early so I can build the mana pool. After that I work on my deathfire grasp then I get sorc boots. After these two items you should be between 1700-1900 mana. Next its good to top off your archangels staff then go with deathcap. If you get further then that figure out what you want. So here is my build in list form.

1) meki and two pots
2) boots, tear and any components for deathfire I can get.
3) finish deathfire
4) finsh sorc boots
5) finish archangel
6) build into deathcap
7) build what you want. Hourglass, lich bane, rylies, defensive item. Up to you. At this point your doing stupid damage anyways.

I love this build. gives you solid mp5 and mana pool. Lots of AP as well. With deathfire, archangel and deathcap I usually am between 600-700 AP.

The only criticism I see is that I am VERY squishy. This is true but you are playing veigar. Your trap is great for escaping. Flash is your friend for escaping as well. But veigar is a dip in and out champ. Stun and throw up your combo to nuke a squishy. Then dip in and out to hit with your baleful when its up. THERE IS NO REASON to stick in range and auto attack. Dip in and out and you should be fine. Be the last one in the fight and wait for the teams to engage. Come in and nuke the enemy caster/squishy carry. Basically the highest threat target. Doesnt have to be an AP char although that is preferred. If ashe is fed and has 1800 hp nuke her if she is threat number one.

IMO building survivability on veigar is a waste. Dipping in and out is his game plan. No need for hp if you spend your time out of enemy range...If they can hit you, they should be stunned.