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Clan Exodus LFM!

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Currently this is a small clan of size 45 with all active members based in America. You should be summoner level 30 or have a knowledge of other RTSRPG games such as DoTA or HoN. The minimum age bracket is 17 and we are currently looking for more members to fill our ranks and get some epic clan battles going on.
We have been around for almost a year now and members have come and gone with the most elite staying by our side.
You must have a headset and be able to use Ventrillo which is the main program we use for ranked and normal team battles.
You must be well mannered and show respect to your other members. Humility in Victory Grace in Defeat.
You must be dedicated to this clan. This means that I will KICK YOU OUT if you remain unactive for periods longer than 3 weeks. So checking in and posting a few times shall do.
We are looking to expand our clan and form a few SERIOUS 5v5 ranked groups so join up!

For all of you interested recruitment is here: