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Praise for the in-game hud inside:

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I never really felt the UI in LoL was anything outright amazing, but it served its function fairly well. It wasn't till I went out and played some HoN that I realized how much more streamlined, uncluttered, and logically placed LoL's UI is over HoN.

Relatively distinct color schemes between each sides minions.
Large well placed text with not trying to cram ALL the information you would need into the main screen.
Hero names and level displayed over the heads of the champions at all times.
Spell cast range display (this is a big one missing from HoN)
Larger unit boxes for easier targeting
MUCH better Shop system layout and explanation.

Now I'm not saying LoL is better or worse than HoN by any means, all I am saying is that I didn't really appreciate how well designed some of the minor aspects of LoL are.

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HoN's UI is vile.

I also hate if I play a hero that i haven't played b4 i spend like a minute reading over the move because there is just way too much info for each move

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My favorite thing about HoN is that it took all of the d!ckheaded DotA players. I never liked playing DotA online because everyone would complain about everything and boot you before the game would start. They all act like they're the God of DotA/HoN.

I've never had a worse time playing online than I have with DotA and HoN. Glad LoL has significantly less a$$holes playing.

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HoN is so much worse in a lot of ways, definitely like league of legends more, but there's a few things I like better:

In-game voice chat (huge deal to me) -- (it's even in champion select)
Game types (come on, can we get a few yet?)
Pre-loading the game (doesn't exactly work for blind pick)

I also kind of like the option to ban players, dividing their current gold value up amongst the team. (but I can also see a few things wrong with this/complications with the way LoL works)

I'd really just be happy with voice chat (with good quality please).... external programs only work if you have a 5 man premade.