LF team for competitive play. Please look.

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So after wasting a year plus into this game I have decided that running solo que all day just doesn't really bring pleasure and enjoyment to me anymore.

Yes before I could go 22/1/20 as Irelia and feel amazing about myself but that feeling almost no longer exist, and I can't find the enjoyment I so much loved from playing this game that way at all.

So I really am interested in competitive play on tournament/league levels.

I am 19 years old.

I have been playing PC games for atleast 8 years now and started off playing WC2 with worked to WC3 followed by Dota. I spent atleast 2 - 3 years playing Dota each and every day not only working on my own play but my teamates play as well. Everything I knew that dealt with WC3 and Dota eventually died, leading me back to console play. I became a semi pro in Halo 2/ 3 and ended up quiting that when I learned that attending MLG tournaments only to place top 32 wasn't going to get me anywhere and the game itself wasn't very much fun to me. Now I am here playing League of Legends. As you can see I play games to win, so I really would like a team that is also playing this game to win.

Pros :
- I can play at work but can't 100% tryhard
- Jokes make people laugh, and I have jokes.
- I play hard carry initiaters / jungles / casters very well
- Ventrilo/Skype are both at my disposal as well as a mic.
- I push to make myself and the team better.
Cons :
- I do have a life and a girlfriend, sometimes they will come before practice. (Maybe a few nights a week lol)
- I can sometimes get frustrated at others when playing, but I think that is really more with solo que and people I have no control over and less of teammates that are on my team.
- I troll.

Other than that I am a very well rounded player, and do enjoy playing this game. I would also like to say that it is summer time for me and my girlfriend lives in a diffrent state than me (college relationship) so I honestly have nothing to do throughout my entire day other than work and working out outside of playing League.

PLEASE hit me up if you have a team or are interested in creating one. Whichever works for you or your teamates.

My in-game name is Mclntyre ( with an l as the i)