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Team Matchmaking [Rant/Discussion]

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Riot, I love your game, I really do. I also love playing games with my friends. Why is it that I don't love playing your game with my friends? Well, simply put, some of my friends are new at the game, and some are much better than I am. This leads to a problem with the Matchmaker putting us against people even better than the best of my friends most of the time when we play. That would be all well and good if we averaged out as a team to being better than our best player, but that's simply not the case.

Yes, an arranged team is generally better than its individual members, but that doesn't mean that a new person joining up with his friends is going to feed much less than if they're by themselves. It's also not as likely that the person who is best on the team will be playing as epically as they normally do unless the team is of a level generally near their own. It's a team game, and as such you're only as good as the average of your team.

Wouldn't it be a better idea to take the average ELO of the team and match them against opponents near that? As it seems currently (and as posts in the forums have lead me to believe), the team is matched against opponents with ELO that's higher than the individual members of the team and includes a bonus for being on a team. Why not keep the bonus but change it to be matched versus people near the average ELO of the team?

Matchmaking seems to be a problem that comes up in the forums a lot, specifically team matchmaking. The most I've seen from Riot about are the "LoL Matchmaking Explained" and "Show Me You Bad Matchmaking Games" threads, but are we actually going to get something about any possible fixes or something soon?


I do apologize if you have said something about that in another thread and I just missed it. There's a lot of forum to keep track of. Anyway, this was mostly to blow off steam from the fact that I can't seem to win with my friends against the opponents we go against lately. I've gotten more losses playing in arranged teams this week than in my entirety of playing.

TL;DR: Rawr! I've lost a lot lately playing with my friends and I think team matchmaking kinda sucks!