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Questions about cho'gath (I might buy him)

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Cho'gath looks cool but I've rarely ever seen him played which makes me wonder how viable he is.

If you have played as him before I have a few questions.

1. Is he strong in the initial lane phase of the game or is he easily harassed?
2. If he runs into an average enemy 1vs1 mid to late game does he stand a chance?
3. Is he a useful champ on the team or are there simply better choices out there?

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1) Cho'gath is very good at harassing early game with vorpal spikes and rupture. It takes a bit of time to learn how to "aim" vorpal spikes, but rupture is an easy harassing skill. Also, he can farm very well with those two skills. He gains hp and mana on every creep kill, so he can stay in lane for a while.

2) This depends on if you have lots of feast stacks or not. Without 6 feast stacks he is....I hate to say "weak".... but not as potent. Dying with cho is a pain, because you need to get 3 or more stacks under your belt before you are superawesomewtfmassivehp again. He can kill squishies very well if he surprises them. Vorpal does some nice extra dmg, rupture will stop them from fleeing, and feast will gobble them whole once they hit 300hp.

3) Are there better choices? That's a tough question. Alistar reigns supreme as a tank, and Cho's main problem is that he lacks a real initiation skill. However, 3 of his 4 skills are AoE, so he helps a lot in team fights. He can slow, knockup, and silence. And feast is a powerful melee nuke. Rupture is great for catching runners, and for making enemies change position during teamfights (b/c they are trying to avoid it). Teaming up with 4 random champions, Alistar will probably be "more useful" more often. But, we all play for fun and Cho'gath is VERY fun. Alistar is booorrrrrinnnggggg. Again, the only "problem" is losing your feast stacks. Dying, and losing 480hp (or more) is not fun. However, eating Annie and typing "NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNONMONMNOMNOM" in all chat is very fun.