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Item stats suggestion

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I haven't been able to find it anywhere in the GUI while playing so I thought I would post this suggestion.

I have noticed there are a lot of items that increase in stats further as you get kills and such. I am always wondering how much it has increased by and if it has maxed yet. Not knowing that makes it harder for me to work on better item builds. Also I find it important to know if my armor is giving 30 HP regen vs the added 61 hp regen it gives from the kills.

Not sure if anybody else noticed it or if there actually is a way to check it. All I know is that i have been finding it hard to tell if I have maxed out that buff. Even a little red x in the corner of the item would make me happy that way i know it is maxed.

// i just noticed i put this in the wrong section of the forums and that it should be in items. I wasn't paying attention to where i was when i posted it. If somebody with the power to move it could do that for me it would be appreciated.