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Master Yi's ultimate...

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MWAHAHAH that would be so bad ass maby it would like show him in front of a dude then all the sudden he moves to the back of the dude to finish him =D... riot u better imput this XD

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i would prefer to see a ranged attack that can actually kill people (sure, his teleport skill owns mobs but it's definatly short when it comes to killing champions).

What i would do, is a attack that can only be triggered after activating his Ultimate.
I would make it a vertical swing, with the range of his teleport ability (or slightly bigger). Using this ability would then prevent the instant recharge if you kill a champion with it.

Damage should be 300-500-700 to each level, the AoE is very narrow, but goes through everything in it's path.

It would make him more fun to play. He doesnt need it though (Yi is my main champion), would be cool to have more active skills instead of the "i win" buttons.

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looks nice but as Commodore Frank (http://beta.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=7740#) said master yi's ultimate is strong enough,I think that the illusions thingy should only be illusions of him without any stats,health bar,etc

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in my mind master yi's ult is op yes. But to get to the point where you can 2-6 shot a whole team is really hard especially if any one character on the other team has any kills. I love the idea of a image but i also liek the way he swings his sword at hi end speed. He like twirls it in his hand in a circle that looks pro imo. I don;t think he should have naything changed about him hes pretty balance because of early game gimp and late game being top tier.