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Need Jungle Shaco help.

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i just started to play shaco again and i love to jungle. anyone help me out with the runes and item build?

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Don't ask me on ruins but a good ol fashion cloth armor plus 5 health pot works wonders for me. (I do not have the right ruins for shaco but can still farm effectively with this)
(I do see people go vampiric septer as the first item. not sure I like that)
stack some job at you target. (if you have the right ruins you should be able to stack job at golem, 1 at red, smite blue banshee, take golems, take banshee, take blue, take red, gank.)

I can't get red without my runes though.

I think masteries you need enough for havoc and maximize the minion buffs.

I'm ap shaco now though so I don't jungle as often anymore.