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[Champion Suggestion] William - The Snooty Aristocrat

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Pizza Hat Deluxe



Get the wine but spill? Refuse! Is the cheese master of noble house. Single eye lens vision and the impeccable style!

Q: Wine Toss: Throw fine, well-aged alcohol into your target's eyes. Splash damage upon impact due to shrapnel from the wine glass breaking.

W: Monacle Glare: Lean forward and closely examine target, making them feel self-conscious and slowing them. Activate again while leaning forward to lick lips and appear to be a molestor, which causes the target to retreat.

E: Hors d'oevre: Poison nearby enemies by feeding them sabotaged appetizers.

R: Disrobe: Open your purple velvet robe to stun all nearby enemies facing you. Flash was already taken for another move.

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Junior Member


! what a great idea