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Do you think this item along with the "Cloak of invis" should be added to LoL

Yes 2 28.57%
No 4 57.14%
Maybe 1 14.29%
Voters 7 .

The all seeing..... Monocle?

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i was just posting in the thread "Phreaks Evil Cloak".

and thought of a Monocle.

Why? simply to make a item to Counter the cloak and Balance the game (if the cloak was ever introduced)

Basically. Stealth detect for a Short period of time on Activate.

the recipe path isnt to clear.

but the overalll effect would be:

Unique active: stealth detection for 3-5 sec with a CD of 30 sec.

for other stats could be almost anything riot wanted to put in.

maybe to counter the cloak even more would be:
15% chance to Slow attackers attack speed by 15% on attack.

or maybe just add armor and/or Magic resistance.

or add Wardens Mail to the recipe and make it 20-25% chance to slow for 35-40%
with 25 hp regen and maybe add a faire charm or mana manipulator for 10 mana regen?

With Unique passive: adds a monocle to champions face (actually visible in-game).

Why the passive? For Fun. Plain and simple. the same reason for playing a Game.


in closing. please Open your Minds and Think about it and the cloak 1st.
also i dont think we should have this item with out the Cloak. simply for Balance in the game.

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Fizzy Soda

Senior Member


OR, you can buy Oracles.

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Senior Member


As i commented in the original thread.

Creating an item that has a main purpose to counter another item is redundant.


OR, you can buy Oracles.

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yes you can get Oracles.
or Wards.

but i kind of like Variety.

besides, Oracles = Target.
at least thats how it works when ever i get oracles. since im usually a Mage type, i die fas most of the time when 3-5 people attack me at the same time.
and i know the "Tank" should get it. but they never do at my ELO level. at least not in normal game, and as i dont play Ranked i wouldnt know if they did or not.