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What yellow runes for fiddle?

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Gods Gift to LoL

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^ I do the same build and some dude ridiculed me and said it was trash and I should be using mejai's. I told him Fiddles ap ratio isn't that great to justify it.

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20 from mask
20 from boots
10 (16) from passive
20 from scepter aura

that is -70 without masteries or runes and most people don't have that much res till way late game and your carry should be able to pick them off now. i have the mask and boots and my catalyst before 15 min usually have finished my rod on many occasions.

now i use the armor pen so at lvl 1-4 when im harassing the people in my lane with dark wind, my auto attack actually hurts. gotten tons of first bloods very fast because of this.

Why would you go on a crusade to buy all the -MR items when you could drop one with red runes and get something that is truly more beneficial, for example, rylia's (slow + HP is amazing for fiddle), sorc shoes, or mobility (the move speed helps with his ult for sure).

I have a hard time believing that arpen is justifiable in that it's only going to be useful in the first few levels where as mpen is going to be useful the entire game.