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How can I optimize this Gangplank?

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I'm currently lvl 23 and I've been playing Gangplank pretty successfully, but I'm having a few doubts regarding my personal build and runes and how to optimize it for the inevitable lvl 30 epic pirate/ninja duels.... Can any of the pro pirates help out?

Mastery: 21 offense (with exhaust improved), 9 utility (1/1 greed, 3/3 good hands, 1/3 perseverance, 4/4 awareness)

Spells: Flash & Exhaust

Runes (Runebook not filled yet, most are temporary/tier 2, several few tier 3):

Marks -> all crit-dmg
Seals -> 5x crit chance, rest crit-damage
Glyphs -> all cooldown reduction
Quint -> crit dmg + temporary hp regen

Item build I almost always use:

mana gem + hp potions -> boots of swiftness -> sheen -> cloak -> vamp scepter when possible -> BFS or mining pick -> I.E. -> phage -> trinity force -> bloodthirster/starks/whatevers needed.

Skill leveling: Focus on parrrley and remove scurvy, taking cannons when availiable, taking raise morale after parrley and scurvy maxed.

Now my questions:

1) Should I replace/update the crit damage marks and quints with armor penetration marks/quints? (so its 9x armor pen marks and 3x armor pen quints at lvl 30)

2) Should I go 5x seals of critchance + 4x dodge seals (for better early game), or go 9x dodge seals?

3) Should I include "last whisper" and/or "sword of the occult" into my item build, and how/when? Is early sheen and vampiric scepter worth taking over mp regen?

4) Is there anything else I could do that could improve the build? Any crippling mistakes/flaws in the build?

5) What other champions are viable to play with these runes/masteries (for when Gang gets taken)?

P.S. I solo queue mostly, and play as parrley nuker / push & teamfight supporter / tower defender

P.P.S. Gang > Shen. He has a blunderbuss.

P.P.P.S. Riot needs to make a demon/zombie pirate skin.

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Senior Member


Armor Penetration is always more effective than Crit Damage. Crit damage is never worthwhile.

Also 21 in offense is very meh. I would strongly suggest 9/0/21