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[Build] Rammus and the 4 Elements

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Stone McPhone

Junior Member


I have played over 150 games as Rammus and I've used a few builds but I eventually arrived at the one I'm going to discuss. I use this build in high-elo, 5-man teams very effectively as the primary or solitary tank on the team. It is built for 3 purposes, to be the initiator of team fights, to demolish melee dps characters, to get by FAR the most assists. That is to say, unless you're fighting a Yi, Pantheon, Trindamere, Shaco (dps), etc. type enemy a LOT, you aren't getting very many kills. To give you an idea of what I believe Rammus' true purpose is, these are my overall Rammus stats: 696/898/1768.

*side bar* - I'm not giving out options for masteries or spells. I play it this way every time and if you wanted choice or you thought you could do it better, you would. I'm not the be-all end-all of Rammus, but if you're going try my build then do exactly as I say, play well, and you're team will win.

Okay, so the real build.

Masteries: 0/21/9 - no reason to do offensive masteries because I don't use Exhaust.

Heal - keeps you alive in the middle of the team fight
Rally - keeps you alive in the middle of the team fight

Quintes - Health
Blues - Cooldown/Level
Yellow - Health/level
Red - whatever (I do Health but this is the only part of my build I don't like so do whatever you have. It really doesn't matter that much, Rammus doesn't really do damage to anything but towers).


1 - Roll (Q)
2 - Taunt (E)
3 - Taunt (E)
4 - Curl (W)
5 - Taunt (E)
6 - Tremors (R)

Roll 1st because it is incredibly useful but don't level it because the speed and slow don't change just the damage. Rammus doesn't need damage. Taunt is one of the 5 best abilities in the game. If used effectively it has offensive and defensive abilities. Note that it is much more effective on melee characters than ranged. from 1 - 6 you should be laning with a character that can do serious damage. My most common partner is fiddlesticks because he brings burst damage and CC to the picture. other characters that work are Ryze, Shaco, Poppy, Veigar, etc. You can get kills by taunting players into the towers or being aggressive and popping rally then taunt and wailing on them with the bonus damage. basically, you'll have more health than almost anyone till lvl 3 and a lot of ways to heal so be really aggressive early on when no one has a realistic shot of killing you.

7 - Taunt (E)
8 - Curl (W)
9 - Taunt (E)
10 - Curl (W)
11 - Tremors (R)

After your lane has destroyed the first tower, start roaming around helping teammates get kills. Note, YOU ARE NOT A CARRY. Not only do you not need kills, but everyone you get deprives your DPS of money they need for more expensive items. Rammus is the Scottie Pippen of LoL. You're the ultimate second banana, but if you do your job properly you will go down in history as the 24th best player in the history of the association. Besides if you were good enough to be the best Carry on your team then you would be, stop acting like an alpha dog and start doing the right thing so your team can win six titles!

Rammus is also has a special offensive technique that is confined to only a few characters in the game, the ROPE-A-DOPE (as made popular by Muhammed Ali). Basically what this involves is walking through the jungle around an enemy that is laning against one of your allies. you walk to the closest bushes then activate Roll. Roll BEHIND your opponent then close in on them. if you roll right at them you lose valuable real estate that your partner could use for the kill. Hitting them with the ball applies a slow which gives you the opening to drop the taunt and curl. At this point you have to make a decision. do you pop tremors or not. If you can kill the enemy without it, save it. If it is close at all, just pop it, better safe than sorry and your cooldown on tremors should be 55 seconds or less with runes. Congrats you got... what?... an assist, that's right!

12 - Curl
13 - Curl
14 - Roll
15 - Roll
16 - Tremors
17 - Roll
18 - Roll

Team fight time. YOU are the initiator. Roll in, ball curl, tremors, taunt the squishiest carry or the most important to kill, drop Rally, heal if necessary. don't worry about anyone else, they'll die soon enough. Your team sweeps in massacre them, by the time people have switched off of you they are dead. Now PUSH. Note that in lvl 5 Curl, Towers really don't hurt that much, you can tank them easily.

You've won. in the stat chat type "Rammus!" because you owned them (anyone who uses the team pwned is a TOOL, is that understood?) and because Rammus is clearly a Pokemon and can only communicate by saying his own name.


- Meki Pendant
- 2x Health Potions (all told that means that you start the game with over 1500 total hit points. If you die before lvl 3, you made a mistake and/or you're terrible)
- Philo Stone (better item than most give it credit for)
- Ninja Tabi
- Giants Belt -> Rylai's Scepter (BEST RAMMUS ITEM. simply put, having Curl and Tremors cause a slow is AMAZING for team fights, if done properly, everyone is just stuck in your quagmire (giggity) and they get effed in every team fight. Also, if YOU are screwed, curl and start running, everything that hits you will be slowed, easy get-away while you take no damage. The extra 200 total damage added to Tremors is pretty dece also.)
- Giants Belt -> Sunfire Cape (Popular choice for good reason. Armor, Health, Damage)

And here we arrived at decision time. If you're getting hammered by a caster with Mejai's then take a Guardian Angel. The magic resist is okay, but really that is bull. Magic Resist is basically dumb. Really, the GA is good for ONE reason, the 3 seconds it takes to be revived. That time is MONEY in the BANK. By the time you come back your team won the team fight or your losing the whole game anyway.

Conversely, if you have a lot of DPS carries then no-brainer, THORNMAIL. No explanation necessary.

If you get this far... not good. But anyway, here are some things to get as a 6th item.

- Force of Nature (helps a LITTLE against casters, mostly it helps push immediately after a team fight)
- Phantom Dancer (move speed is the best about this, but also makes Ramjam a better tower toppler)
- Another Sunfire (hate it, but there it is)

To be honest, I usually just make it up if I get here.

Anyway, I'm getting bored. To wrap it all up, the 4 elements are Water (Ice from the Rylai's), Fire (Sunfire), Earf (Tremors), Wind (the fart that Rammus lets out when you finish Roll without hitting anyone). Hope that this helps your team win. RAMMUS!