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[Item Guide] Twitch, Scratch and Burp!

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First item guide of mine (maybe the first item guide ever!)

Twitch, Burp, Scratch, Fart and count coins! That's all this rat wants right? Gold and glory!

[NOTE: I take that you have played Twitch, The Plague Rat at least once and that you are familiar with him. This is not a complete guide on how to play him. Visit some other guides for that]

1. Explanation [Mono Discussion]
2. Full-Item-And-Twitch-Plan
4. In game-Activity
5. Summary

Before all this list, why Twitch? Hes greasy, fat, smelly, poisoned, has a tail, sewer-rodent of the likes you always dislike in real life! Also, squishy to the bone,... and costs a lot to buy in Influence Points. Answer: you just read the answer. Enough reasons to play him!

Twitch's abilities.

1. Ambush (So much stealthy rattie!)
2. Debilitating Poison (No no no you no escape da twitch!)
3. Expunge (empty your pockets villain, twitch be taking all of your goldies!)
4. Spray and Pray (hello 5 enemy heroes....*3 seconds after* bye one low hp flash enemy hero! thank you leaving all your friends here to bathe in my poisonz!)
Passive: Deadly Poison (me like to apply rat poison on you...because humans apply rat poison on my cousin rats in real life...revenge mortal!!!)

1. Explanation [Mono Discussion]

Ability power, Attack Power or Hybrid?
-Attack Power!
-Ability Power has no use for him. Expunge is the only ability that can use that. I tried AP build, its not even for pro players let alone for squishy-dunno-wat-2-do-n00bies.
-What about Hybrid?
-Depends on the enemy team.
-What depends?
-The number of squishy yummy things. Tanks-no no no.
-So I only build Attack Power?
-Yes, but there are 2 ways to Attack Power!
-Omg so complex!
-Wait wait... Haven't started yet!

2. Full-Item-And-Twitch-Plan

Attack power Twitch-Burp-Scratch and count coins. Ain't better than this. Try AP or Hybrid build on your risk. You need atleast little experience for them.

There are two builds on attack power I will explain now:

1. Attack Power [Shooting-Enemies-Like-Monkeyz-In-A-Cage]

Build straight damage items. Deadly Poison is the cream on the cake, not the cake. Use Expunge to kill thingies on half-low hp that try to mess with da twitch! Shoot em a little, (3-6) hits [maximum stack of deadly poison is 6, don't think you can stack and expunge for damage beyond nashor's hp. It usually hits for 1k max, at last level... which is ****!]

Items. You scale straight damage, not over time. Don't build overtime damage items. Go straight for da goodies!

1. Boots of Swiftness (You need constant speed, not attack speed and not snare/stun counter. With this, you laugh at them, shoot them and run without a scratch on ya)

2. Phantom Dancer (There is nothing on this item that da-big-rat couldn't use. Talk about can't get away from him and can't catch him, even with slow, which will suck on twitch)

3. The Bloodthirster (A fat rat with poison damage above the graph now has lifesteal too? RUN TO THE HILLS!)

4. Infinity Edge (End of the line, for them of course)

5. Infinity Edge (What another one? Are we taking on Fort Knox next time?)

6.Phantom Dancer (Ok... With this, you reach the cap in attack speed and almost everytime you hit critical damage. Usually the game ends with the first infinity edge but who knows? )

2. Attack Power [Stack-Me-Please]

This build applies [ON HIT EFFECTS] and is as equally good (no, its not im lying) as the other build, but this one has a vengeful purpose. KILL ALL DA RYZE LIKE HEROES!

After some time even the Tanks like well fed Cho'Gath and Mundo will fear and notice your presence. In this build its better to scale stealth and slows, but never forget the all powerful expunge. Never. Ever. Promise? Ok

Items. You scale on hit effects, while paying attention to exactly what you buy. Damage is not as near as the above guide, but you put them in such big trauma with all the things they lose when you hit them, they feel like fat girl in lose weight camp.

1. Boots of Swiftness (Seriously, do not buy other boots on Twitch. He needs to quickly disappear and count coins in base, so he can buy goodies)

2. Wit's End (Ryze nearby? No problem. Morghana has too much spells to use? No problem. Katarina making your life hell with blades? No problem. And no mana... anymore)

3. Malady (One...Two...Three K gold for items. After buying this with Wits end, you become a pest. A pest they don't see! With lifesteal! And stealth. Did I mention he has lifesteal? ah ok)

4. Madred's Bloodrazor (Pain... serious pain. Use with parent permission only!)

5. Executioner's Calling (More lifesteal, another dot to steal their life and a life savior against Warwick, Alistar and heal spammers! Get it fast, get it for fun)

6.The Black Cleaver (This is the end... with this and all the above you can kill tanks as easy as killing Ryze when he has no mana. Oh ok, you have wit's end so he will never have mana. That easy)

Items I missed... that can be used.

1. Haunting Guise (Reduced cool downs, mana and health regeneration? Why wait so long to slow, stealth and expunge? Reduce those cooldowns so da twitch be making more of the shiny stuff!)

2. Deathfire Grasp (this is like the Western Movies Cowboy Gun that kills everything... apply it first, or last. Make it count. It hurts. It also gives good thingies, again like reduced cooldown and magic resist)

3. Frozen Heart (I tried this few times... its pretty custom, if you wanna risk, enemies will be sorry they don't have attack speed. And you will be buffed with more power, and alot more reduced cooldowns. Why wait when you can have it right now?)

4. Sword of the Divine (this rocks... now I feel bad I haven't put it in the actual list. No I really don't but infinity edge or wit's end is better)

5. The Brutalizer (Not bad... for early and late game. bought a few. and they worked like a charm. Still, if you have da godlies, stick with the lists above)

6. Nashor's Tooth (Amazing. All a Twitch can ask for in a single item. But its totally custom, buy if you want and if you need.)

7. Philosopher's Stone (Buy a few. They keep you alive and farm gold for you out of the eternal plains)

8. Tiamat (I read guides about this and his Spray and Pray. Never tried it though. Maybe because I had too much damage anyway. Try it... might be great)

9. Avarice Blade (I seen people playing Twitch with this. Its cool to get the gold and have extra critical chance. But is it worth it? I don't know.)

Generally, anything you buy in LoL gives you something. I may missed some cool stuff. Tell me if so.

4. In game-Activity

Mid or Lane? If your in a lane with someone, it better be a stunner or a tank. They stun; you Expunge. If they kill the enemy, good for them. If the enemy gets away from them on low health with few or full stacks of poison, EXPUNGE! Rat poison for them all, and laugh from the bush.

If your mid, play defensively. Last hit creeps and whenever the enemy hero gets close, pew pew them with your mighty crossbow for poison stack. Don't expunge; just harass. If they forget your there and stay grounded and let you hit them alot with poison, wait till they are low hp, then expunge and they will be probably dead. Apply Ignite or chase-hit them a little more so that they die at that point... lucky *******s got away so many times when I didn't know how to play.


Control the bush from the start. Buy whatever you must, and learn to quickly do it. The enemy team is counting on slow people that think what to buy so they will get to the bushes first.

Whatever lane you are in, if you have few kills yet or scored first blood, do not buy defensive items. Buy attack items and potions. Believe me, you will need them.

If enemies gank on you first, and you see to die alot, buy defensive items. Philosopher's Stone is the best one I can suggest. It gives you gold, health and mana regeneration. And it stacks, so it doesn't hurt to buy few more. Just don't fill you whole inventory with them; you will do no damage then.

Collect for Nashor's Tooth if you want to gank and stay out of base more. That item is fantastic. Do not buy more than one though. Cooldowns cap at 40% so don't think you can get better.


Don't jungle alot, but be sure to grab the Ancient Golem's buff. You need mana trust me; and pots will not help you alot in late game. Take the other buff too, if you carry the team.

If you want to jungle alot and kill the dragon, always get lifesteal before the damage. Keeps you alive while you give them da poisonz. It be good mon.

[I've gone little too much for an Item guide, but I've given good tips. Happy POISONZ to all, and leave a comment for suggestions. Critics stay away if you do mean to flame my thread.]

Thank you all.

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You seem to have missed Last Whisper. It costs just less than 2k, +40% attack speed, +20 attack damage, and penetrates 40% of the target's armor. I don't know how you would place it compared to Madred's Blood Razor, but at least it's almost twice as cheap.

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Senior Member


Nice guide, but I don't ever envision a scenario in which Wit's End would be a better choice for Twitch than Infinity Edge. IE scales with + crit, lifeleech and all sorts of good stuff, while Wit's end just applies a small flat amount of damage. Especially mid-late game when the Infinity Edge-toting twitch is pumping out a steady stream of 900 damage crits, Wit's End seems weak and limp by comparison. The same goes for Malady, pretty much. Really I think your first build is almost always the way to go - with the possibility of switching the phantom dancer and infinity edge in your build order, but that's just personal preference.

Considering that you'll probably only have a few seconds at most to blow that Ryze to hell before he flashes away, it would seem to make sense to unload 3k damage rather than 1.3k damage and draining 500 of his mana. Especially as Ryze's mana pool is so vast that it is nearly impossible to drain it inside of the time it would take him to burn you down.

Just my 2 cents.

Edit: I feel pretty much the same about Mad's Razor unless there happens to be a 4kish hp tank on the enemy team. According to the item value guide that is about where it makes sense to get a Bloozdrazor.

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Senior Member


Buying defensive items if you are getting focused/ganked is a fun way to completely remove yourself from the match.

Wit's end can be annoying, but its usually much better to just kill the caster more quickly... which other items do better.

Boots of swift are not my pref on twitch. Either use your boots for Merc Treads or go with Mobility. Your slows will makeup the differences most of the time easily for any ganks. If you are not killing them before then, you are ganking the wrong person and wasting your time. Mobility boots are much better for swapping lanes to gank or support.

Mad's Razor is no good really on Twitch ime... I have played with it a decent amount and there is just better items for similar cost.

Av blades are a beautiful thing and support the hit it quick and bail playstyle which most Twitch should have. If you are visible too long and not killing quickly, you are dead against anything but idiots. Plus they fund all the shiny items you need to support your main role late game of Spray/Pray assistant in teamfights.

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I played against a twitch who farmed that build up today... The game was over an hour long and guess who won? It wasnt twitch it was me (Nidalee) cuz I backdoored all there towers and n=inhibs so all tiwtch could do was play defense.