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Runes for Jax?

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I fell in love with Jax last week, and just bought him. I am making him my main now, and was wondering what runes would be best.

Heres what I'm thinking.

Reds: Armor Pen or Attack speed- I would just do A.Pen, but with Jax's Ult I was thinking maybe AS is better

Yellows: Strait HP or dodge or Armor or MR...
Not really sure here. Would do dodge, but it gets diminishing returns

Blues: CD or strait Mana, or maybe half of each

I usually play mostly AD, with some AP, and maybe end game a banshee or guardian angel, depending on how long it goes and who I'm against.

Quints: No idea really, possibly strait health, maybe AS, thought about doing something like 2% xp, but I'm open to any suggestions here.

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In my opinion:

Marks: Very debatable. Armor Pen or attack speed would probably be best, although magic pen isn't terrible.
Seals: Dodge, for sure.
Glyphs: Several choices, either Flat CD (all around bonus,) AP (for extra early game punch on the spells,) AP/lvl (for bonus damage on all skills,) MR or MR/lvl (both increasing survivability, good considering Jax is partly a tank.) I prefer Flat CD.
Quints: Two Dodge quints and something else. I like Flat HP. Why not 3 dodge quints? Because dodge bonuses from runes are capped at 10%.

Having 9.75% Dodge (+ 2% from masteries and later a bonus from the skill) to start is a *huge* bonus for Jax. Other than that, it's up in the air, since he's a fairly diverse champion with several possible effective builds.