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Looking for some different junglers.

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Currently I'm a very fluent jungler, and usually do very well in holding down dragon, buffs, warding, and baron. However, I feel I need to add more junglers to my repitoire to widen my choices.

I'm very much accustomed to the following:

Fiddle [rare to play, but hey, still works]
Shaco [Kinda meh in his current state, I'd rather play him AP]
Shen [I really hate doing this because he's so slow, and I'm sure the nerfs hurt him hard]

Getting used to:
Lee Sin

I'd like to add Jarvan, Xin and maybe some others that fly under the radar to my jungle list if I can't lane with them (Jarvan and Xin are obvious choices here)

Just wondering, what are the recommended mastery setups, skill orders and paths for any heroes I haven't listed? I've tried jungle Jarv once and did EWEQQR, nearly died doing the start-at-blue route, but I made it.

I have 2 jungle pages:
Noc/Aspd: I think this focuses on armor, armor pen and attack speed.
Rammus jungle: Originally made for Rammus, mix of Armor and Armor pen red, then the rest is pretty standard (minus HP quints) with armor yellows and MR blue.

I'm currently saving up for ArP Quints.