Buildings in the bases

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It seems to me that right now the interiors of each of the bases is quite sparse. One thing I like about DotA is that when you get to the point where you are attacking and destroying enemy structures, you also received money for destroying the basic buildings. While it is definitely more important to disable the structures that serve a function (towers and barracks), the extra buildings inside motivate the attackers to spend a bit more time in the base, and also give the defending team some time to rally up what survivors they have which often allows for a last stand (and the rare game turner). Not to mention they serve as obstacles for the attackers and can contribute to their deaths.

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The dota buildings did serve a purpose, they drew creep fire away from the inner base until most of the structures were destroyed. In Dota however, no creep spawned inside the inner base. Only the heroes, the fountains and the two towers could defend it. In LoL all creeps begin at the Nexus, making it already very well defended. Extra filler buildings would only serve to complicate things, screw with pathing and generally be annoyances, not to mention that Summoner's Rift is but one of many maps to come, and some may very well have entire bases to destroy.