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3 Days Ago

If people are AFK'ing/ Feeding/ Just generally trolling in RANKED, COMPETITIVE MATCHES.... just ban them from ranked please like CounterStrike does. First time 30 minute cooldown. 2nd time, 1 hour, 3rd time 2 hours, 4th time it shoots up to a day. So, on and so forth. Just refusing to do ANYTHING about trolls is ruining this game though. If I play 5 games in a day, I might have 2 out of the 5 where someone isn't trolling. Something has to be done. Looking away from this problem will not fix it. My friends and I that play this game together don't even want to play anymore because it has gotten so out of hand. Leaverbuster alone would fix a large majority of the problem. Ban people for going AFK all game. It highlights the name in red so I know there is already a system in place that can detect if a player was D/C all game. ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT FOR RANKED PLAY. ITS COMPETITIVE. Let them troll all they want in normals, who cares?

[End Rant]