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[Guide] Tips to effective hook (power grab) with Blitzcrank

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First, thanks for taking the time to look at my tips guide. There are a lot of good guides on how to play Blitzcrank which I have been using since I bought this extremely fun champ to play. I am not pro at LoL yet but I have played Blitzcrank exclusively, and an avid Pudge player. I am writing this tips guide because it saddens me to see bad Blitz players after yielding the champ to them.

1. Always attempt a lvl 1 FB via hiding in the bushes with your teammate.

People always underestimate the utility that comes from a successful hook. If you're with another stunner or a champ with a slow, you can almost guarantee a first blood if they decide to come into the bushes while you and your teammate is waiting for them. Auto attack 2 hits when they enter the bush, have your partner slow/stun and get 2 more hits in. When the finally go out of reach, hook them back and get 2 more hits. This should effectively kill most squishies and tanks without health/tank gear.

2. Play patient by the tower, and hook them.

The tower is why Blitz can be so effective early game. You can immediately tell if your opponent is a bad player, decent player, or a pro just by watching them weave and last hit. It is all too easy to pull a bad player to your tower, but it gets increasingly difficult if they keep moving or show discipline in always standing behind a creep. What I like to do is play patient. Sometimes they will stand in front of a dying creep. Always be on the look for this opportunity. Hook them as if you were trying to last hit the minion he's staying behind, but about half a second later than you'd normally hit for last hit of the creep. What this does is effectively time your hook to make contact with the hero as soon as the minion dies. Your hook should've launched while the creep was still alive with a sliver of health.

3. Initiate ganks against a single enemy with power fist.

I've seen too many ppl initiate a gank against just 1 hero with a hook. It is a lot more effective to just run in with overdrive on (if you even need it, depends on the situation and their gear/skills), get a hit with your sheen buff, then activate power fist for the second sheen buff and some added CC. Finally, when they get out of reach, this is when you should hook them. If you're ganking, you should have the element of surprise. The only time you should initiate a gank using a hook is if there are more than 2 enemy champs and you are backed up by your own teammates and preferably behind a wall to isolate the target.

4. Stop convincing yourself Blitz is a tank. He is a DPS/Pusher/Support.

People make the assumption that Blitz is a tank because of his high base HP and mana shield. In a team fight, you don't want to be the one focused on. If you initiate, you are almost guaranteed to get focused on because you're so big and intimidating with that hook. Blitz provides way too much support and utility to get focused on and die before the fight even begins. Split the team up into 2. Get a fast moving champ, or any champ that has some escape mechanism to "provoke" the enemy to focus/chase him. As he kites, the enemy team will get disoriented. Look for the biggest threat, and create an opening to hook him. If you split the team correctly, you should have the backup to shut the biggest threat down fast. Your hook should be accurate enough for you to "choose" your target.

5. Push the god**** towers.

Overdrive + Sheen + Powerfist = No Tower.

6. Play mind games.

Blitz needs to be intimidating. You need to establish that your hook is reliable and anyone who brings their guard down will get hooked into a tower or a group. Once you instill fear, you can effectively just pretend to close in on the enemy, and they will naturally retreat. During early game, go into the bushes, let them know you went in there. This way, they become uneasy and they will keep a further distance from the creeps, allowing your partner to freely farm without danger. Feint an initiation by running to their direction, and then running back. If you feint them a few times, they will stop falling for the feint. This is how you create an opening.