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Katarina item/skill builds 3/16/10 -- Discuss

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- Only core items are listed. Void Staff / Abyssal Scepter / Zhonya / IE / BT / Banshee <insert any item not listed> are extended items and should be taken based on the game flow (note: core builds are also selected based on game flow, but your first 5k matters a lot more).
- Item lists skip optional starter items (Doran's, pots, boots, extra HoG)
- Skills with (1) next to them mean "only rank 1"

Skill builds:

1. DL > Shunpo > BB(1) > KI

Comment: Same as above. Shunpo higher damage pump per level for improved 1v1 chasedown.

2. DL > BB > Shunpo (1 or 2) > KI

Comment: Weaker early game harassment due to Shunpo's lower damage. Larger AOE debuff on BB. Doesn't have much promise per se, but just a thought. With the classic build, it takes a while to get BB ranked up.

3. DL > Shunpo > KI(1) > BB

Comment: Not a fan of a low rank of KI in this version. KI's damage passive is relatively as strong as the damage per rank up of BB, and KI offers other things (not the least of which is HP regen nerf during laning). However, this might be stronger in a teamfight.


1. Rageblade, Rylai,

Comment: Composite DPS, along with a good HP pump on the Rylai. The new KI provides better sustained combat damage, but Kat's base attack speed is failsauce. The Rageblade has a similar mechanic and improves all aspect of her combat, unless you use DL right off the bat. The additional heavy / free attack speed enhances her KI DPS. The HP pump on the Rylai enables her to actually execute a sustained combat situation. This is my new flavor of the day build. I like it.

2. Mejai, Rylai,

Comment: Snowball-reliant high AP build. Straight AP for Shunpo-DL. Takes minimal advantage of KI changes. Rylai HP pump is primarily used for escaping after an initiation or early DL.

3. Mejai, Rageblade,

Comment: Pure DPS + Snowball. Not recommended due to the low HP count for a long time. Could be supplemented by a HoG at the start. In addition, the burst effect of Mejai's and the sustained combat nature of the Rageblade aren't helping each other too much.


1. SotO, Phage

Comment: When you're not dying. KI stacks improve the AD version of DL, giving it a little bump. The new SotO is what it is. Phage gives you some HP and the useful slow.

2. Frozen Mallet, Atma's Impaler

Comment: This is more of an extended build of #1. This leans Kat away from DL a bit and relies more on the utility of Shunpo to connect with melee (like Alpha striking every 6s on Yi). The additional durability is also effective.


1. Mejai, SotO, Rageblade

Comment: I need 3150 IP to buy Kat on my smurf account. That aside, it makes me giggle but I don't think it would be effective, except in the game with terribads last night. I should have bought a Mejai + SotO + Leviathan. Btw, what the **** is up with Malady TFs?

Oh, right. /discuss

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I need to try out AD kat in an actual game, but I'm thinking she just got alot more viable. With SOTO being essentially 2+ BF swords when fully stacked (yes your should never really get it fully stacked against compotent opponents, but 8 stacks gives you a cheaper earlier BF sword) you'll probably be able to either rely on SOTO and KI for damage, while stacking survivability, or stack BF swords on top of the SOTO and get massive amounts of AD much earlier in the game.

From a bot game, I was able to get up to 450+ AD with fully stacked SOTO, 2 bloodthirsters, and a couple KI stacks.

I did play a game as AP kat yesterday though, seems pretty much unchanged. Still seems pretty viable to me.