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[League of Legends] Basic Tips for Beginners

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Hello! Welcome to League of Legends. If you are reading this guide, you are a new player or you are an old player checking this guide to see if you agree with what's written here. There's always the third option that you are a bitter person who will not read this guide all the way through and will chime in with a negative comment for no real reason that isn't really relevant to the content in this guide. If you are the third type, this guide is not for you, since you know everything there is to know about this game already and don't need to waste your time. With that prefaced, let's get started!

Basic Combat Tips:

The heart of this game is combat. Player vs. Player. Sure, there's something or other about game objectives with turrets and nexuses and what have you, but we are all playing this game for the player on player action. This portion of the guide will describe a lot of the metagame associated with player versus player encounters and will help you on your way to becoming a better League of Legends player.

Let's start with some basic human mentality. For most people, one of life's simplest pleasures is to be able to fight someone without them being able to fight back whatsoever. Once you realize this, you can use this mentality against them, but first you must become aware of what you're doing and why you're doing it. We will revisit this concept later on as we delve further into this guide.

In a laning situation, you will most often be with a partner, confronted with another pair of individuals. Should one of the people engage your pair, if you are the focus of their attacks, you should start running immediately, even if there is little to no chance of escape. This will give your partner the opportunity to take some free swings at your opressors. Your partner will instinctively do this because he is fighting someone who does not want to fight him back. If your partner is the focus, you must don this role for yourself.

If you are the agressor and confront one of the pair, be ready to switch to the partner, as the person you have started attacking will invariably have started running while the partner will try to get some free swings on you and remain oblivious to the fact that he is now your target, allowing you to kill him easily. By the time the other party realizes that they are no longer your target, they will turn around to attempt to engage, but will quickly run away when they see that their partner is dead or ready to die.

In non confrontational lanes, you must take it upon yourself to invoke a confrontation, as this is the best way to earn money. One of the simplest ways to provoke an attack is by pressing the B button. When an enemy sees that you are trying to recall to the base, they sense weakness and will often make senseless attacks upon you to prevent you from doing this. Use this to your advantage and feign recalling often to draw them away from their turret. This strategy is best coupled with one or more partners waiting in the bushes.

If you see an enemy attempting to recall, gauge the situation accordingly, as it will be in your nature to attempt to attack them while they are doing this. Would you engage in this situation if they were not attempting to recall? Can you kill them before they can reach safety? If the answer to these questions is No, you should fight your primal instincts to attack and take advantage of their absence in the lane instead of preventing their return to base.

Again, in non confrontational lanes, it is your duty to get in the first hit. If you do not get in the first hit, you should not partake in this fight and instead run away. Other people realize this and will often run away if they are in range of an ability, once you turn your back and back off a bit, they will immediately turn around and run back to you. Take note of this because they will be off guard for several seconds if you have an ability like spinning slash or flash to close the distance. It is not unusual in this situation for the action to flow like this without either party landing a blow.

--------> <-----------
----> <-----------------
------------> <--------

When you realize what's going on in these situations, it is fairly ridiculous. Once you turn your back and stop chasing, the other party will without fail, turn around to chase you, even if you have chased them a very far distance and they know it is not within their best interest to engage. This is because of primal human nature to spin around and say "What now, punk?" because your back is turned. This can also be used to your advantage, as stated previously if you have an ability to close distance, making the action flow more like this.

--------> <------------
---> <-----------------

This will provoke a panic response, easily giving you the advantage.

This concludes the first installment of basic combat tips. Thank you for reading this far and I hope that this improves your game.

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Sweet! I love seeing these kinds of guides being written. Thx for taking the time to help out the newer players. Contributers like you are always appreciated. Not to mention I like the way it stresses thinking before taking action recklessly.

Also third option in the intro made me laugh.