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Trying out something with Vayne

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Recently I been thinking about this built for Vayne.....

tell me your thought about this assasain version:

Mastery: 21/6/3 with 3 points in boost in armour and magic resist and 1 point in improve ghost and 2 point in HP/MP regen

Runes: Armour Pen red, AD per level yellow, magic resist blue, AD per level quints

Mastery: Flash Ghost

Item setup (optimal):

-Black Cleaver or Bloodthrister if I choose not to get cleaver
-Madred's Blood Razor or Wriggle's Lantern if i chhose to get cleaver
-Banshee's Veil
-Berserker's Greaves
-Phantom Dancer

Other items (matchup dependent)
-Last Whispers

Right now, I am debating if I want to get attack speed runes for her instead for red or yellow.

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Personally I lack the ability to visualize how good an AS Vayne can be. I suppose you would have to be reliant on a couple of attack speed runes early but that's really not my play style for her since going AS would be relying on you shooting for quite a while before the enemy drops while in that whole process endangering yourself to focus fire.

I mainly play her as a burst damage dealer and hence my first item would be IE, most of the time. It's really incredible how her q's bonus stacks up together and is affected by IE's crit, that's mainly the reason why I follow that path way.

I usually go:
Doran's Blade
Doran's Blade
Boots->Berserker's later
Vamp Scep

That's usually my standard build and it lacks AS yes but good positioning and a couple of hits would pretty much melt almost any non-carry. It is overall better to mix in burst with AS. You should go burst early imo because it gives you that edge to be a real potent threat and it drops your enemies down fast. AS should be prioritized later once you are sure that you won't die so fast, achievable through buying Banshee's Veil, Phage and CloakNDagger.

If all goes well the dream build of my Vayne goes something along the line of:
Trinity Force
Banshee's Veil

It gives you fast and good damage but all of it is changeable of course. For runes, unless you are heavy leaning towards using AS runes, I suggest that you don't take any AS runes at all. The reason being the bonus from your runes (i.e red or yellow) to your AS is not really significant early levels, it won't allow you to optimize W's potential. That's just my guess if you don't go using mainly a rune book heavily designed for AS, not saying all the runes must be AS though. The downside of going a heavy AS rune book is of course the survivability that you could have afford through runes, which is quite important in early levels for squishy Vayne.

Well hope this helps, not much regarding what build is the best but I hoped it'll help you make your mind about your build.