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[Guide] Katarina

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Hi, i’ve heard people say that AP Katarina is dead....
I think this is far from the truth.

This item build only works if you really know how to play katarina because the items i’m using are kill/assist dependent. So if you can play Kat well this wil take her right back on the map.

Masteries + Runes

First off all lets talk about the masteries i’m using. Since i am going for a killer build i use 21/9/0.
the 21 points in offence speak for them selves. The 9 points in defence are put in dodge, movement speed and magic resist/armor.

I really dont have a specific rune build cause i play allot of different champs, but i suggest to go for
health regen, movement, dodge and AP.

Skill build

The first skill i go for is Bouncing blade because it’s pretty much the only skill that really helps in killing creeps with Kat, and it’s great for harrassing.
Second i go for Shunpo because this will be your main attack, and you need to power it up as fast as possible.
At level 3 i go for Killer Instincts because it powers up Bouncing blade and gives you increased dodge after Shunpo.
When i have the 3 skills i max out Shunpo first (after ulti ofc) because this is your main.
The second skill i will go for is Bouncing blades because Killer instincts isn’t really usefull on a AP Kat since it only increases the passive wich only increases damage per hit.


As i was saying before this item build is really dependent on kills and assists.

1: Ruby Crystal + 2 HP potions
2: Ruby Crystal > Leviathan
3: Boots of Mobility
4: Regrowth Pendant + 2 HP Potions
5: Mejai’s Soulstealer
6: Blasting Wand + 2 HP Potions
7: Blasting Wand > Zhonya’s Ring
*8: Abyssal Scepter

You can only get the Abyssal Scepter if the game is long enough for it, because usually the game is over after Zhonya’s.
The reason i buy allot of HP potions is because Katarina can’t take much damage and she doesn’t have a very good health regeneration.

So this is my AP Katarina build, hope you will all like it. If you don’t please comment me about it and tell me what you would have done differenty.

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TSP Cinnabar

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1: Ruby Crystal + 2 HP potions


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A curious build for a number of reasons.

First, you're not building any AP items until Mejai's: This happens airly late in your build as well, leaving your damage output on levels 1-10 fairly minor.
Second, you're building Mejai's rather late. Katarina will typically get her easiest kills in the early game. Getting Mejai's in the mid-late game will effectively rob you of buff stacks Kat needs to have in place by level 11 to DL for a reasonable amount.
Third, no Rylai's!? This is an awesome item -- especially for an AP Kat. It will provide you with survivability, AP and a slow whenever you use your abilities. This will aid bith with chasing and preventing people from escaping death lotus.
Fourth: While I can appreciate the desire for boots of mobility, your build has no magic penetration whatsoever. Magic Pen will provide a larger boost to your damage output than AP will. All champions hit around 30 magic resist without items by level 18. Sorcerer's boots or haunting guise will give you markedly increased damage overall.
Fifth: Health potions do not scale with max hp and damage output. After level 6-7, they really aren't worth the gold anymore, when measured in the number of attacks/abilities they will soak.
Sixth: If you're going AP, odds are you're going to autoattack at least once after a shunpo. Where is your lich bane?