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Twisted Fate is a Steamroller

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I normally go:

Mana Saphire -> Sheen
Berserker Greeves
Sword of the Divine
Ginsoo's Rageblade
Sheen -> Trinity Force
Stark's Fervor

I don't know what to add on after that. Probably a damage item like Infinity's Edge or Black Cleaver. While I am squishy I normally don't find it too much trouble to kite people around or just focus fire. Once I get some more attack speed runs I will probably switch from stark's to blood thirster.

As for skills I take a level of pick a card then focus on stacked deck. Grabbing ult when I can and saving wild cards for last.

They are making a lot of cool hybrid champs. I just wished they added more Items to support them.

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berserk, guinsoo, starks, sword of the divine

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Yes he is squishy, but how about doing something like rushing catalyst first now?

This will give him a bit of a HP boost early game and can be upgraded to banshee's if you feel you get focused a bit too much.

From there you can just go:

Trinity Force
+dmg item (thirster / cleaver)

Just theory crafting because I basically go that build now but sub greaves for merc treads against people with ranged stuns / slows. Catalyst -> veil negates the need and gives more aspeed.
One game I actually also went leviathon. Now it gives 2 stacks for an assist, getting one point in WC in a team fight that you win can instantly give you +4-8 stacks and helps not be squishy.

Because stacked deck actually adds the damage to your attack I believe it applies on-hit effects too (i.e. you attack damage that attack is 200). Is that correct? If this is the case then getting some life steal isn't a bad idea... I had a malady one game (lol malady I know) and the HP regen from auto-attacking is noticeable enough to survive in team fights longer than normal.

The main problem I'm running into at the moment, is high attack speed but low damage around mid game. Getting no +dmg items but lots of +aspeed items (which are all useful because of his passive) makes me feel like I'm not putting out good Deeps even though stacked deck procs more often. Would be nice if we could get some complex math going to see when to stop adding Aspeed and start adding damage...


Now that Blue Cards restore mana, I'm not too worried about running out of mana (that's why normally I would get Catalyst). But if you plan to rush Rod of Ages, then that's fine. i just think Sheen would benefit Stacked Deck and his DPS better.

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As far as i can work out the build i've been going with is:

Boots of Swiftness/Mecury *Depending on situation*
Black Cleaver

This is usually where games have ended for me. After this is set up i tend to make a Trinity Force but now am leaning more towards Frozen Mallet or depending on how the games going a defensive item like Veil. Then of course more dmg items depending on what i need at the time.

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im instrested in asking why people are getting AP/ASPD hybrid items... rather than going straight AD and ASPD...

- Wild Cards are near useless
- pick a card are meh you wil still be taking gold but even then the ap sucks on it
- stack deck also has a terrible ap scaling...

so im failing to see the need for anything AP anymore....

can someone fill me in on why...

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Poor AP scaling per spell/proc, decent AP scaling per second.

As far as I can tell from a preliminary review, you can build TF:

1. ASPD / magic proc / AP / MPen

2. Damage / ASPD

3. AP / nuke / Mpen

The first build is simply an attack speed extension of the standard build from the last patch, which is listed as #3.

Honestly I think #1 > #2, because if you're doing #2 there's a good chance you meant to click Ashe/Tristana on the champ select screen instead of TF.