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[GUIDE] The Perfect Counter To: New TF (Asstronaut)

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Alright so I've had plenty of time to deliberate on how to counter TF. His newly remade version is a DPS monster, but is as easy to take out as a Ryze or Twitch (with a few kinks of course!).


Twisted Fate's Metagame

There are two Twisted Fate metagames at the moment. They were both in use before, but the AP playstyle dominated the DPS playstyle.

I believe that as time goes on, people will start to adapt to a hybrid playstyle as I have done in my games.

What Does This Mean?:

1. Farming capability. If you thought that OLD TF had a great farming capability, you won't BELIEVE the power of new TF's farm.
I've gotten creepscores comparable to Sivir players, just because I always get the best farm and I don't have to use mana to clear creeps.

2. Ridiculous 1v1 power. Remember what people used to say about TF punishing mistakes?
Well new TF can punish you just for being alone if you let him go wild.
I've taken out farmed up Master Yis, Ashes, and more just because they were by themselves when I used my ult.

And of course, what makes him nerfed:

3. NO MORE AOE DOMINATION. Why? His Q doesn't scale and stun doesn't AOE. Red is needed for AOE,
but to disable any carry he needs the single target stun!


Countering Twisted Fate

So we've analyzed new TF's strengths and weaknesses. How do we exploit them?

1. HE'S SQUISHY. REALLY SQUISHY. Focus fire him AS SOON AS HE COMES IN! He's as huge a threat as a farmed Jax! He'll drop in seconds.

2. DON'T LET HIM FARM. Look, don't go trying to 1v1 a competent TF unless you have some huge advantage. If you don't lose, good. But if you lose, you're digging your own grave. Feeding TF is as bad as feeding Twitch.

3. Use his DPS reliance against him. He autoattacks right? So exhaust him if you happen to 1v1 him! He will HAVE to use his gold card, and it WILL miss!
Meaning you get a good uninterrupted 5 seconds to roflpwn his face.
If you can't seem to kill him, RUN AWAY before he gold cards your face (unless you have a very good reason to be running).

Here's the TL;DR:

1. Acknowledge TF's 1v1 power.

2. Gank him early game, and make sure to limit his farming as much as possible.

3. When he becomes a real threat, focus fire him in matches.

4. If he starts tele-ganking, stay near your tower and don't get low on health. Have your mid warn about possible ganks and misses.

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Teemo, Heimerdinger, Exhausts and high dodge has been good counters for my Twisted Fate. I can't 1v1 Teemo because I need to hit with my PaC in order to perform my best and his blind keeps me from hitting people. I usually kite with Ghost until the effects wear off then move back in with a PaC ready.

Silence has also made me been unable to lock my cards or execute a skill. For high-dodge people, I keep Sword of the Divine handy.