MR/Defense vs. HP

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Played a Rammus game the other day and it got to be pretty long. Toward the end, I felt like stacking defensive stats wasn't increasing my mitigation so much. Had Mercs, FoN, Banshees, Randuin, Thornmail. Was sitting at 300+ armor and 180 MR before DBC (I think), but I was still going down quick to focus+burst because I only had about 3k HP. I took out Thornmail at the end and my physical damage mitigation only dropped by like 5%. I wonder if it made sense for me to pick up Warmog at some point cause the synergy between 4.5k HP and 200 MR/Def would have given me much more effective life, wouldn't it?

edit: Oh snap I know what I did. I forgot to get Sunfire... so fail!!! Still, I wonder if it makes sense to replace that Thornmail with something with more HP for better durability. I know armor gives me more damage, but I'm tank Rammus. Not like I was doing damage late game.

Anyway, my original question was under what situation would warmog makes sense, (like when you can reasonably get 200 MR/armor or something like that because of the synergy?) I have never bought warmog because everyone says it's newbie and bad. I guess in my case as Rammus, I should have just gotten sunfire first.

Anyone know any resource where I can punch some numbers in or something? Cause I would rather not test this out in game.

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Basic Guide to Effective hit points.

Ignoring Penetrations at the moment:
RV = Resistant Value (use either armor or Magic Resist)
eHP = effective Hit Points (how much magic/physical damage it will take to kill you)
% reduction = (RV) / (100+RV)
eHP = % reduction * Hit Point Current

Special Cases:
Flat Penetration
RV = armor or MR - penetration value
then do above calculations

Percentage Penetration
RV = armor or MR * (1 - (1/100 * percentage penetration))

Important Final Note do penetration calculations in this order
runes/masteries flat pen
runes/masteries percent pen
items flat pen
items percent pen

Final point: effective hit points are a combination of flat health and resistance. Since resistances have diminishing returns, and health has linear returns, Late game when resistance values get above 150-200, consider getting more health, or more damage so that the enemy team has a reason to focus you as opposed to teammates.