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Tips for a noob Cho'Gath

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Emesde was correct. You're actually supposed to pump scream, unless they outrange you. At which point rupture is a better choice. Rupture is too inconsisent. Hitting with it isn't you being good, it's them being bad. The sheer inconsistency of rupture is a serious problem. Secondly, pumping rupture actually lowers your teamfight ability. Though the slow goes up, when you level up scream the SILENCE duration goes up. And that AoE silence is how you really cockblock the other team. The important part of rupture is the knockup, moreover, the damage differential is really quite small. So is the mana differential, actually.

Also, putting more than one point into vorpal spikes is positively idiotic. The only situation where you want to do that is when you're being pushed up against your tower. Because then it will guarantee you every last hit possible with great ease. This is doubly the case if you're taking it over scream.


Priority is then feast, scream, rupture, spikes.

Ashe and **** likewise..

You should not be having trouble against Ashe when pumping scream. I don't know what you're doing wrong. Are you taking advantage of the fact that scream's effective range is actually longer than the cone you're given? Another tip, often times it's a good idea to take a shot or two to the face to get a scream off, and then back off and heal up off minion kills. Your regeneration will allow you to whittle her down.

Cho is a great last hitter, but it still helps a ton to get an early heart of gold/philosopher's stone (I get HoG after level 1 boots and upgrade it to randuins later).

Not really. Heart of Gold pays for itself in seven minutes. Getting HoG instead of Catalyst early is a terrible idea, the amount of lane control you give up is not worth it. Get a philosopher's stone instead if you want a GP5 item, you want that mana regen. Moreover, Frozen Heart is a better armor item for him than Randuin's given the benefit he recieves from CDR, and the fact that he doesn't need the health.

Cho benefits GREATLY from CDR. This is why I tend to get Ionian Boots, that and glacial shroud maxes out your CDR with the appropriate rune setup. Banshees Veil, Sunfire, and Randuin's are actually NOT that great on him. Why? Simple, he doesn't need the health. The one health item you need until you break 150 MR and Armor is either BV or RoA, depending on what you build your catalyst into. After that, get Force of Nature and Frozen Heart. Your boots of choice should be mercs, swiftness, or CDR. I almost always opt for CDR. Then if you haven't broken 150 MR, get BV or Aby Scepter or FoN. After those items, Rylai's is actually a great choice. You'll be sitting pretty at 4K health and tons of resist. If you got Aby Scepter and RoA also, you'll have enough AP to hit quite hard as well.

My typical build ends up being:

Rod of Ages
Ionian boots of Lucidity
Frozen Heart
Force of Nature
Abyssal Scepter
Rylai's Crystal scepter.