ezreal Q potential

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ezreal's Q ability adds on hit effects

ive been getting madreds bloodrazor after infinity edge

it adds soo much to his Q, but it costs too much to be effective when you need it unless you are fed

has anyone gone just the on hit effect item?

wits end/madred

cant think of others that would add more damage on your first Q hit other than Bf sword items

while AP as ezreal gives good burst damage, he still doesnt have the sustained DPS you need late game

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The only item really worth considering for the on-hit effect is Sheen and its parent items (lichbane and trinity). These can add a significant amount to his Q, and both trigger on and apply to it.

Frozen Mallet/Phage/Trinity is also pretty handy, applying that long-range slow can let you catch up with your blink.

Also it's worth noting that Guinsoo's will trigger both on casting Q and hitting it.

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I'm noticing that "Q" is only worth getting a couple of levels of early game ('til level 12 or so) due to it's increase in mana cost.

Keeping it level 1-2 leaves it's cost at an easily spammable level, yet still leaves it fully functional for farming. Despite the slightly longer cooldown (which further becomes reduced when using the ability itself) I find that the opportunity to level up your other spells gives you better presence... "W" can really turn the tides in a fight.

Around level 12 is usually when my physical damage starts getting increased with items, so I find it's far more useful to start putting points into "Q" then.