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How does this anivia build look? (plus one Q)

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Start with meki + 2 HP pots
Tear of the goddess
Tier 1 boots
Rod of ages
Finish boots
Rylai's Crystal scepter
Finish Archangel's
Void Staff if they are stacking MR

Also, does rylai's stack with anivia's abilities? Namely, her ultimate, as It's difficult to notice, and I've gotten conflicting answers.

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I would actually recommend starting with a Sapphire crystal and trying to get a Catalyst first. The catalyst gives you a good 200 health/mana every time you level which is about every 2 minutes or so? Thats 100 health/mana per minute or 100/60 health/mana per seconds or 100/12 health per 5 = about 9 HP5 and MP5.

This is actually a very good regen rate and saves a lot of potions. Plus the catalyst adds quite a bit of extra health to help avoid ganks, etc. Sure you have your egg and all, but extra health certainly doesnt hurt.

After the catalyst, get the Tear. Then finish the Rod, which keeps the catalyst goodness now.

I would recommend getting a Negatron cloak to help mitigate burst damage. You can turn it into an Abyssal later, but there is NO HURRY to do so.

From here, I would finish the AAs since this will give you a lot of AP for 1800 gold with both Rod and Tear built up some.
Then, Deathcap for the heavy AP and multiplier.
Then Abyssal upgrade.

I believe Rylais does stack....BUT it will only stack on the first tick of your ult. PLUS, it stacks multiplicatively with caps in place. Hence 2 30% slows = a 51% slow, not a 60% one. You may have answered this yourself as the slow is DIFFICULT TO NOTICE. Therefore it can't be all that effective...

You have Rod already which toughens you up and gives a lot of mana, so I would not say Rylais is a huge priority.

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The build I've been using is:
--Doran's Ring
--Chalice + Boots 1
--Rod of Ages/MPen Boots
--MPen Boots/Rod of Ages
--Void Staff/Deathcap
--Deathcap/Void Staff

If you get on a super rolling start, get Mejais before Boots 1 or Catalyst.

Since Chalice has MR, it helps negate burst damage and sustains your mana early game where it matters most. Once your AP starts to skyrocket into lategame, that chalice still comes into play making sure you have enough mana when travelling between fights.

Because all of Anivia's abilities already slow, Rylai's is sorta redundant (as mentioned). Rod of Ages most likely gives you the survivability you need, especially since you can wall people away from you if necessary. There are other caster HP items that improve your HP and defense while giving you more of a benefit than the slows on Rylai's.