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Personal Amumu Guide

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I figured since I see alot of people viewing Amumu as worthless pick on a team I would write a guide on how I use him to see if other people find the success I do while using him in both high ELO games and solo queues.
Starting off with my rune pages I chose a CD reduction mixed with AP therefore limiting the need for other items to support his dmg.
A short description of his skills.
Bandage toss: For starting off the battle or escaping if your running away and enemy creeps or neutrals are behide you. It's a reasonable stun for early game ganks so your team can kill.
Dispair: While many people see this spell as useless I see it as a very useful spell which destroys late game tanks like Cho'gath (Which normally endgame should have from 4k - 7k hp.) It's good for creep control and chasing while your cooldowns are recharged.
Tantrum: As name suggests causing Amumu to stomp around like a 5 yr old girl and do some damage. Trick is the part where while you are attacked the cooldown lowers by one second while also it reduces incoming damage.
His Ult: Not a stun so it doesn't stop flashes or incoming spells, but with proper timing can cause extreme pain for the opposing team cause its radius is the size of a small planet.

Item Build:
Rod of Ages: First item should be able to purchase at roughly 15-20 mins. Which seems like a waste of time however once it is finished your survivability triples as well as your damage.
Ninja Boots/MR boots depending on the other teams set up.
Sunfire Cape: With dispair and sunfire capes you will be doing roughly 100 DPS to nearby heros or more to tanks and makes farming a lane and pushing one extremely quick.
Force of Nature/Banshees Veil: If there is a Viegar (whom cause of your Rod can hit you pretty hard with his ult) or other spell caster like ryze. A FoN will basically turn them into walking food. Plus it with your RoD and Sunfire Cape (roughly 3k hp) it turns your regend to 70 per 5. While banshees is good if there are others who spam stunning spells but don't inflict dmg.
More sunfire capes or guardian angel: I prefer stacking sunfires because depending on the opposing team the AP might be lower therefore you have to deal with the DPS (YI Trist Etc) and with the sunfires armor and health itll make you extremely annoying to kill while doing dps that few carries can handle while in your ult or stunned and tantruming.

Summoner's spells: I personally like ignite and exhaust. The exhaust is because you are a slow runner all game unless you get the boots of mobility. Plus if you exhaust while fighting you opponent in a creep wave you dont have his damage incoming only creeps which with tantrum and other items might be anywhere from 7 from melee and 14 from ranged. So with all the creeps hitting you you can tantrum around 5 times during the exhaust duration depending on amount of creeps. And of course ignite helps with the dps and killing if they are running away.

Gameplay/Build order:
Starting Items:Sapphire crystal -400 G + 1 health pot + 1 mana pot
Depending on gold when you go back if it makes more sense to get the blasting wand or finish the catalyst is up to you. Once you finish the RoD you can just buy piece by piece the other items depending on the gold you earn but I tend to finish all of one before I move on.

Bandage Toss: If your team likes to gank bushes this helps cause you get a stun + with summoner spells a slow and dmg so your lane mate can hopefully kill him before the opponents do.
Then you continue to lvl Tantrum and dispair until you have to lvl bandage toss.

Combos that are very good with Amumu are anyone with an AoE easily escaped like Panth or Pirate cause with amumus ult the other team are forced to stay inside unless they have a flash. If you have a twitch the other team cant effectivly stop him until the ult is gone. By that time if the twitch has enough dmg all of them are alrdy pretty hurt... hopefully.

Sadly Amumu doesnt have very much power as a hero killer but he is extremely good support as with that don't worry so much about getting kills. Let the carries get them if possible. You can easily get all your items with assists and proper farming.
Hope everyone doesnt bash this too much as it is my first guide and everyone seems to dislike this little emo guy.