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So how bout them dodge runes?

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Senior Member


I'm struggling with filling up my spellbook (just hit 20). Currently focusing on something that would help a bulky morgana and cho'gath on the side.

Pretty sure I'll get flat HP quints.

For the rest I am leaning towards:

Seals: Dodge seals - 6.75% dodge just seems like a significant benefit through the whole game and you don't have to worry about scaling.

Marks: Mag Pen - definitely more for Morgana than Cho'gath, though I think he would technically benefit with mag pen for his rupture spam, right? Marks seems highest priority for build a more melee focused items once i'm done with this though.

Glyphs: Flat cooldown or AP per lvl. Morg and chogath both have longish CDs. And although I like getting frozen heart for them, CD reduction caps at 40% right, so it'd still definitely help?

Oh, completely unrelated note, is there a easy to view guide that tells you what hero abilities deal physical dmg and which abilities deal magic dmg (I assume all autoattack damage is phsyical, even for casters?).

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Der Cutze

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in general, autoattacks deal phys dmg while abilities do magic dmg

there are of course exceptions like (afaik) pantheons spear thing

so YES, even caster's autoattacks are physical