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Loading screen tips

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The loading screen is already interesting to watch as you can see everyone's loading bars (thanks for that!) but since this game still has a lot of different things new players must learn to avoid "noob mistaces", I suggest you add a tip of the moment to every loading screen like in many games. It is a great way to raise the usability of a game with relatively low amount of work (I can give you academical reference if needed) and is in fact the only suitable way to inform players about features they might be missing but are hard teach ingame.

For a great reference please look at how Dice did in Battlefield Heroes. As a further bonus you could use the community to provide you with all these tips and leave the original author's name visible to promote community feeling. For example:

Tip of the Moment:
"Neutral creeps in the forest give various buffs when slain. Learn who gives what and use it to your advantage!"
- BloodySlayer666