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LeBlanc Suggestions

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I am pretty good with LeBlanc, but I never have a good consistant build. I am looking for suggestions on a good build.

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This is my personal favourite guide

Although I do somethings a little different but it was where I started.

I love Rylais... it makes you inescapable... plus gives you early HP... I don't have Hp qunits it helps me a lot.
Mathamatically Deathcap rush is better though.

It will depend on how much gold you have when you go back.

I am a fan of boots of Mobility rather than sorc shoes... I am a bit odd like that... as noted in the guide being everywhere in the map makes you scary as hell to the enemy team.. boots of mobility allow me to gank very very well. If I could rely on my team to ward I'd get Teleport for ganks but I can't.

My build
Boots (Sorc or Mobility)
(by now the enemy team has surrendered :P)
Abssyal Sceptor
Zhonyas, Void Staff, Banchee's viel.

My last game (normal game) as Leblanc I went 27/4/19 .

It is important to choose to play in the right team... tanky DPS teams are the best for leblanc to be in... anyone that can handle 4 v5 while you position yourself.

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This is the Leblanc Guide (http://www.squidoo.com/league-of-legends-leblanc-guide) i run with los of success, above poster's build is also very solid.