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Twisted Fate - List of Tactics

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I have the same thread in the general discussion forum: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=758985

I've played Twisted Fate for about 500 games now, and as I main other champions, I have seen an awful lot of bad Twisted Fates, so I've decided to write this thread. I've played AD, AP, and even hybrid.

In essence, Twisted Fate has 3 core strategies: ganking, backdooring, and split-pushing. The use of these tactics separate the good TF from the bad TF.


As soon as you hit level 6, do whatever you can do to setup ganks with your team. Make sure to organize the ganks, and utilize your jungler and roamer for optimality. For the early game, make sure that your ultimate is always on cool down. If it's not on cool down, then you should be communicating to your team to setup a gank, or locking a gold and getting ready to use your ultimate. I have seen so many bad TFs that just go back when they hit level 6, and use their ultimate to get back into lane. Please try to avoid this as much as possible!


At this point of the game, laning phase should have ended, and both teams should be trying to do teamfights. As Twisted Fate, you will be pushing 60%-90% of the time for this tactic to work. Decide to either push top or bottom, and buy 2-3 wards. Ward the lane up, and push right to the tower. Make sure the wards are far enough, so you won't see them too late.

From here, there is a list of possible scenarios:

  1. No one comes to stop you from pushing the tower. This is really good, because you'll eventually get to the inhibitor. Make sure to tell your team to NOT engage in any teamfights, and to just defend the towers. The enemy team will almost likely push right to the mid tower, and just poke. Your team will be at a disadvantage, because it will be 4v5, but your team should have the tower for safety. If the enemy tower dives, then they will probably lose, even if they outnumber your team. Keep an eye on it though, and make sure to port in if they dive.
  2. If your team somehow engages in a teamfight 4v5, make sure you use your ultimate to teleport in. More than likely, they won't win a fight 4v5, so don't let your team get aced, and make sure to help them out.
  3. If 1 person comes to defend the tower, than just keep pushing, making sure to not let the person leave the lane. Tell your team to engage a fight 4v4, and tell them that you'll ultimate in, so that it becomes 5v4.
  4. If their entire team comes to stop your at bot lane, then tell your team to go to bottom lane, and rinse and repeat, but do it for top lane instead.


This is very rare, and will only happen in the very latest of the game. This means using your ultimate to push a tower. I do not recommend this at all, especially if you're new, because it will only work in very situational times. It also means that you're very vulnerable to getting ganked. Most new Twisted Fate players fail at backdooring, and end up feeding.


If the enemy team is doing baron, then port in to help your team fight them. Don't let your team go in 4v5.

If the enemy team just finished doing baron, and your team can't do anything to stop them, then port to bottom lane, and take a tower or two, and then go back very quickly.

Making Use of Zhonya's Hourglass

A cool thing that many people don't know about the proc is that it works with your ultimate. It is incredibly useful when getting away. You shouldn't rely on it too much, because you should be using wards to see their ganks from a distance. If you're in the wrong situation though, you can select a position with your ultimate, and then using the proc on the item really quickly, making you 100% unable to be CC'd, and unable to die either. This makes Twisted Fate ungankable. If this item is on cool down, and the enemy team has CC, then make sure you go into a brush before you use your ultimate. It will confuse the enemies long enough for you to get away.

Your team just died, and you're the only one alive.

Don't waste your team defending, because they will just tower dive you and kill you. Find a lane to push, and keep pushing while the enemies push. If your team members are up, use your ultimate to help them defend, and pick up a kill or two.

Here's a great guide I would recommend: http://solomid.net/guides.php?g=389

Unfortunately, I didn't find this guide as a newby, so I had to figure out a lot of these strategies on my own, but you should it read it nonetheless, because it still has a lot of valuable information.

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AbsolutE JusticE

Junior Member


hmmm tf is my main, and bding is the only thing i do.and i know about the hourglass early game all i do is farm, gank when destiny is up. then i start pushing top or bot when i get my deathcap and sheen. and i use revive and tele or replace with flash, depends on the enemy.

nice guide btw.