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Udyr: dancing through a new jungle path

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5 second is for the activation skill. I guessed he was talking about the persistent effect which is extra damage every 3rd hit. If he mean that you should precharge 2 phoenix hits and then run in and hit them with the 3rd hit while still in phoenix stance, then that sounds suboptimal since a pre-charged tiger or even turtle would be more beneficial and you wont get the speed boost from bear which makes charging so much more difficult.

If you take 1 point in it at 5-7 you can get some extra damage and you wont even have to change into phoenix stance

This makes no sense. How do you get extra damage without ever changing into phoenix stance? If you have to change into phoenix stance to get the damage then it costs mana. Are you under the impression that the Persistent effect is a passive effect for all stances?

Note to the original poster:
Finding new tactics is fine. If you had proposed to skip turtle stance to do a super strong early gank at level 4 with phoenix->tiger->bear I could have bought it. The problem is that you include too many sub-optimal changes to your method. Using mana crystal->sheen at the same time as skipping turtle stance is probably too much at the same time, and sheen is not that good for Udyr as a first item since it scales with level and give AP and mana. At level 6 each proc will do 66 damage. In the best case situation you can proc once every two seconds for 33 DPS. If you simply buy 3 long swords instead you will get 30 more AD. With tiger stance level 2 you will get 45% attack speed increase and have 1 attack per second. The 3 extra long swords is cheaper than the sheen and will give you the same DPS boost without even considering how it boosts tiger's DoT and speeds up your jungling in general.

Try your build with the regular cloth+5 pots into mandreds before you start mixing it up with Sheens. If it works well with mandreds then you can try with sheen later. Using heal is also a clear sign that what you are doing is not working well and you're trying to make up for it's shortcomings. Flash or ghost will save you multiple times every match and will double your gank potential every time it's up. Personally I run with flash because it makes me feel safe from ganks in the jungle and because it makes me able to flash over people and stun them even if my team is in the middle, but I have noticed most of the high ranked Udyr's use ghost.

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I don't Udyr much, and I certainly don't jungle at all.

This is why you are getting down votes.

That's like my saying "I don't play Vayne, but you should probably build her as AP jungler."