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Alistar Help

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Semi-new player and I've fallen for Alistar. I feel like I do well with him but I feel it's more because of his natural ability than my itemization/runes for him.

Basically my order goes Sapphire starting, then once I have enough for goddess tears I port back to get those then teleport back until I can afford my lvl 3 boots. Which I feel is solid enough. Past that I'm pretty lost. I understand a lot of people get sheen but I don't understand the point of it beyond pure +AP items. I've been trying out Aegis or Locket but I get them so late in the game due to being so gold poor that they aren't all that useful. Tried going archangels staff past this which I like the most but again if the game drags on it isn't that much use. It feels like beyond the boots and the mana pool I could buy nothing and still do as well as I did with just those 2 items.

Rune wise I just use a crappy generic setup I have for most of my champions. Though now that I'm 21 I was thinking about getting a real rune setup since I can equip tier 3 runes. But most guides I read seem to assume I'm playing in a team game. All I do is solo queue or queue with 1 or 2 other friends tops. Their basis for these stats seem to be team play late game. Of course I could be wrong and it might work just as well solo queue.

Not trying to sound like I'm whining, quiet the contrary he is my favorite champion, and I do decent with him, I'm 21/10 now? not sure not at my computer. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey Budd,

Ill try to give you a hand. First off I need to say, Ive been experimenting with getting locket and soulshroud and it doesnt seem as good as my other build. In any case:

Marks: Attack Speed - Helps his terrible last hitting speed.
Seals: Armor/Flat HP/Magic Resist/Dodge/MP/5 per level - All work, depends on your pref.
Glyphs: Cooldown

Quints any of the above as well as Move Speed.

Masteries. I prefer 8/22/0 ensuring to grab all attack speed boosts.

Items are pretty simple.

Meki Pendant + 2 hp pots to start.
Chalice of Harmony
Swiftness, Mercury, Ninja Tabi boots, to preferance/game
Sheen (VERY important on alistar, will explain)
From here you build to taste/game.

Things that work well:

Frozen Heart
Guardian Angel
Last Whisper
Trinity Force

As to why sheen is so **** good, it is 2 fold. 1) Alistar has very high base damage. Unfortunately, he has a slow attack speed. Sheen is good here because proportiatine to the cost 80% of alistars damage is worth WAY more in gold then sheen. The Mana is certainly appreciated on him and hell +25 damage on stun and head butt certainly doesnt hurt. 2) Last hitting. You know how easy it is to last hit a creep with a sheen attack? Rediculously easy. Once you have this, if youve been leveling pulverize as you should be, you can pulverize a wave and then sheen attack each to death.

I suppose there is a 3rd reason. Tower pushing. Sheen, for some reason, not only takes your ults bonus damage into account, but your passive effects the total damage as well. Its easy to chunk towers for 250 with alistar relatively early in the game.

Lastly, he has NO problem activating the proc with heal and chaining it with ult, headbutt, pulverize and heal for champs and towers.

One word about chalice. Some decent MR and enough mana to spam the **** out of everything constantly. You constantly spam abilities, you need kick ass regen, not a huge mana pool. Huge mana pool is for a short burst of high mana cost spells. Not sustained low cost spells like you have.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks a ton, this is exactly what I'm looking for. Definitely getting sheen now didn't realize it also stacked with his passive nor did I ever think about Alistar's above average hitting power. I know this won't let me make 6 infinity edge's by the end of the game but it was pretty pathetic before my gold income. Unless I got a lot of assists or a lucky killing blow or two I was getting Aegis/Locket around level 16 lol.

Buying the runes right after I'm done typing this. Thanks again.

*edit* Question about masteries, I've been going 0/0/21 because I like the move speed, mana regen, more flash. Will the chalice cover that? I never really saw the point of a lot of defensive mastery talents. They seemed more static +x stat then utility's +% stat.

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hey Tsuki1, The Chalice takes whatever your max regen is, and then factors in the % left of your mana bar, and then will regen based on your mana regen, and that %. So the utility tree, and any runes you may have will help improve mana regen with chalice.

I tend to always go 21 in Utility with Alistar, and then 9 in either defense for dodge procs, or 9 in offense for spell pen (maybe attack speed and crit strike now to take advantage of tower popping Ult buff).

I agree with most of what Quickslide said. Once you get decent with Alistar though, you may want to rush Sheen/Triforce as your first item, before even worrying about regen. Alistar's strength is pulverizing for kills. If you play a clean game, Headbutt and Roar are rarely needed, so your mana use will be fairly low. Also Clarity runes are awesome, sometimes I run all yellow and blue clarity, and eventually after a sheen aegis and boots, will pickup a chalice, and its smooth spamming thereafter.