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Help- Alistar build/guide, level 6, Newbie?

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Jazz Bat

Senior Member


My start:

I just got League of Legends two days ago and I love it. I figured out a great build for Maokai since he was one of the free to play champions of the week and I perfected him, but once I found out he was only free to play for a week, I gave up on him since he's around 4000 ip, and so I decided I should find a permanant champion. I found Alistar. He looked like a tank also and he had great health and stats overall.


So I start off playing Alistar as support, and what I've read that's what he's all about. I am pretty good at playing him, but in the end, I get stuck in last place. I can't stand the slow start he has! All I really get to do is knock down a couple of towers and hold back. His AP is so weak and his cooldowns are so long, you can't really kill a champion unless they're halfway down and are slow.

Anyways, if you can suggest any build, guides, or tactics/tips that can resolve the slow start and horribly long cooldowns, please do so. Also, I'm only level 6, so greater seals, marks, and Glyphs won't go down until I get to a really high level.

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Jazz Bat

Senior Member


Also, I've ended up with more damage taken than any other stat for most of my games, that's bullshiet.

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Minty Fresh Doom



cooldown reduction items will help. he's a lot easier to play at 30 bc I start with 15% cooldown reduction. so try spirit visage, and frozen heart. the boots are a nice early item too.

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Senior Member


His AP is not weak at all. In fact he offers one of the strongest combo's of all the champions. I have played a lot of Alistar lately just because his W+Q combo is so much fun to use and does so much damage. Now, I'm considering you do not have runes and masteries but he can still dish out a ton of damage with an early Deathcap.

He's still a good tank but his AP side is so much more fun and engaging.

Have fun

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Junior Member


Check out this guide: http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/support-alistar-half-man-half-bull-52639#chapter4

I also recently purchased Alistar and I found this guide very helpful. Check out the Tanky CDR build to take care of the long CD's.

P.S. mobafire.com in general is a great resource for guides. I'm using it for several other champions as well.

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mana montana

Senior Member


alistar is awsome as both ap and ad.

i have gone serveral games where i carried hard as both ap alistar and ad alistar.

you really need cdr on him reguardless except for ad alistar. as a support your stuns and knock back is what you have to offer your team so it is important you get this as high as possible. I normaly get that 1 20% cdr manaregen/ap item with blue cdr runes and masteries that puts me at like 38 cdr a blue pot will get that to cap easy.

his 2 skills scale super good with ap also. I have many times just killed squishy champs or very close to killing them with a single w>q combo. with max cdr your stuff is so short cooldown its nuts. you really have no idea how lame it is to fight against a alistar spamming you with fagggotry.

tank alistar does not seem that great to me as his ult allready makes you tank enough for any kind of team fights. building tanky items on alistar would like tryndamere building tanky. would just mean wtf is the point of your ult.

ad alistar is fun to play can do a **** load of dmg during his ult but like many melee ad can be shut down easily with kiting.

ap alistar is fantastic support. with archangels staff 40% cdr and 300+ap you can really spam heal your whole team for alot of hp so no one has to return to base as much.

his ult is amaizing also you can counter so many things with it that no tank item in the game can really do. you can pretty much null tryns dmg when he pops his ult on you. veigar is just a big laugh as ap alistar when all other ap champs shiver in horror.

if you Q fast enough after you use your W you will do a charge > stun combo fast but if you do not do it right charge will knock them out of your Q's range. this is a killer harrassing combo pretty much nothing they can do to stop you.

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Senior Member


Keep in mind when I write this, I have NEVER played Alister before, but a few of my friends that I play with daily DO play Alister, and I have experience being "Tanky" and understand the basic game mechanics.

Firstly, Alister is a tank. You can build him AP, or AD, or w/e you want, really.. But fundamentally speaking his abilities are meant to support your team and draw attention to yourself and survive so your team can pick up the kills and get fed and carry the game. That's not Alisters job, imo. If you're looking for a "tanky" character that can get kills, I suggest you look more towards some tanky DPS Champs.

Building AD will help his basic attacks. Building AP will help his abilities do more damage/heal for more. Building tanky will keep you alive longer and allow you to spam more abilities to lock down their team in a constant chain of CC so your team can dominate them. This is what it's about. You are much more of an asset to your team when you are a CC machine which is difficult to take down than you would be if you're charging in to get a kill then run away because you can't take much of a punch.

You will still pick up a plethura of assists and even the occassional kill just by constantly being in the frey of the team fight face to face with squishies; but if you're expecting to go 35/2/10 with Alister, I would say you're approaching the character with the wrong expectations.

Having said all of that, I will not tell you what SPECIFIC items to go with.. What I will do is list a variety of items which benefit you in a variety of ways depending upon your circumstances. There are plenty of Builds on Mobafire and other websites which will give you specific build orders.

Here goes...

Frozen Heart - 20% CDR (huge!), +99 Armor (Also huge!), 500 mana (Good for Alister), and an AURA which slows the attack speed of all nearby enemies.. This is vital. It adds a lot of "support" to your team. As you enter the battle you benefit your entire team by slowing all of the AD characters in the area. They get off less shots, which means you and your team take less damage. It also has a huge chunk of CDR and a solid amount of armor; both of which synergize with your need for CDR, and your need to be difficult to drop.

Mercury Treads - A good speed boost, as well as some Magic Resist (25) and a 35% reduction on the duration of enemy CC.. This is vital as a tank. You're useless to your team if you're constantly stunned, snared, or slowed. The MR also means you absorb more damage from enemy casters and are overall more difficult to take down.

Abyssal Scepter - Another great aura item. It has 70 AP, 57 Magic Resist, and it reduces the Magic Resist of nearby champions by 20. This essentially allows ALL casters to do 20% more damage to nearby enemies, and also dramatically increases your damage output on your abilities by giving you a nice chunk of AP. The MR also, like the other items I've listed so far, obviously gives you more survivability.

Aegis Of the Legion - A small bit of MR and Armor (24/18), 270 HP, and ANOTHER aura which supports your team by giving them a little more survivability and damage. If you want to focus solely on helping your team with auras, this is a good item to get; but there are better items for similar price if you want to focus on one aspect of survivability or another.

Force of Nature - A lot of health regen, and a huge chunk of Magic Resist.. You don't need the Health Regen too much due to your ability to heal, but it never hurts.. The Magic resist is the big thing here. Also, it gives you a much needed speed boost, which will help you engage and escape more readily.

Warmogs Armor - If you want health and nothing but a big huge chunk of health, get this and get it early (like after your boots). It makes you exceptionally difficult to take down when combined with some Armor and Magic Resist. Combine with Atma's Impaler to increase your damage output.

Banshees Veil - Good dose of Health, mana, Magic Resist, and the ability to block 1 negative spell every 45 seconds. Great item for most characters.

Frozen Mallet - A large chunk of HP (700), some attack damage, and a passive ability which slows the movement speed of targets you physically hit by 40% for 2.5 seconds. This item is great for rushing into combat and slowing down enemies so you can KEEP them in combat and not allow them to kite you or your team.. Basically, if you charge in and use your abilities on someone, if your team doesn't nuke them down by the time your CC wears off, they will have trouble getting away; allowing you and/or your team to follow up with continuous damage.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - This is basically the caster version of the Frozen Mallet. This will apply to your abilities instead of your physical attack, and although the slow is of a shorter duration, it will apply every time you headbutt or slam someone. It also contains a respectable amount of Ability Power and health.

Lich Bane - Ability power item which increases your speed, gives you some mana and magic resist, and also allows you to dish out additional physical damage after using one of your abilities. . For example, if you headbutt someone, your next physical attack will also apply 100% of your AP to that target in damage.. This can be brutal if you have a respectable amount of AP. Unfortunately this item is rather expensive.

Leviathan - I try to avoid snowball items, myself.. but just for the sake of argument... Let's assume you KNOW you can consistantly get a lot of assists and/or kills without dying. This item basically rewards you with a greater and greater amount of HP for every kill/assist you get, and it also reduces ALL damage you receive by 15% once you get 20 stacks on it. (2 stacks for kill, 1 for assist).

Randiuns Omen - 75 Armor, 300 HP, 5% CDR, and it slows the attack speed of enemies who hit you, and will slow the attack AND movement speed of enemies within an area of effect around you if you active it. Overall, a very good tank item.

Shurelya's Reverie - Health, HP Regen, Mana Regen, 15% CDR, and an active which speeds up you and allies around you. Another GREAT Tank item.

Soul Shroud - For you, just gives you HP.. But it also gives an aura which reduces all allies cooldowns by 10% and more Mana Per 5.

Spirit Visage - Health, Magic Resist, 10% cooldown reduction, and improved healing.. GREAT item for Alister.

Sunfire Cape - Health, Armor, and 35 damage aura around you. Great for farming, and does a constant stream of minor damage to all nearby enemy targets. A little expensive for what it offers, though, in my opinion.

Thornmail - +100 Armor, and an effect that deals 30% of all physical damage dealt to you back to the target in the form of magic damage. This item is FANTASTIC against AD carrys who build attack speed (like, say, Master Yi, or often times Caitlyn, or Vayne, or Tryndamere.) It's also an exceptionally cheap item and the 100 armor is huge.. Unfortunately it lacks health or any other stats. It's also not the best item for Alister because he has no taunt and cannot MAKE people attack him; so smart players will try to ignore you. However, at your level (6?), most players in normal games will be stupid enough to focus you and they will find themselves dying quickly. Best applied when you have a ******ed amount of hp. (ie - 3-4k+)

Hextech Gunblade - If you already have great survivability and are probably winning the game and you just want to dominate... this is probably the item you should get. It gives you AP AND AD, so your physical attacks AND your "abilities" will both do more damage.. on top if it, it gives life drain and spell vampirism. It also has a nice active ability that does some damage and slows the target you hit with it. Not for all circumstances, but overall a great item.


Now, keeping in mind that I have NEVER played Alister, I think the items I would probably go with would be as follows:

Start - Regrowth Pendant and a mana potion
First Item - Merc Treads.
Second Item - Build Warmogs using your Regrowth Pendant
Third Item - Frozen Heart.
Fourth item - Abyssal Scepter
Fifth Item - Shurelya's Reverie
Sixth Item - Lich Bane

The final stats (without runes or masteries) will look like this:


This gives you an effective health of about 10k, 35% CDR, resistance to CC, a respectable movement speed, 150 ability power, and a mana pool you shouldn't have to worry about.

Obviously, you would want to change what you buy based on who you're up against. A lot of AD carrys who like to stack attack speed? Go with Thornmail... A bunch of casters? Go with Force of Nature. Having no problem staying alive but your team is falling behind in the damage department? Go less defensive and more offensive items.. Your team has no problem with killing people, but they're squishy and die alot? May want to grab some more movement speed or aura items.

Also, I'm not overall sure about the order of the items I listed.. Just seemed like the best way to build him to me... but it's hard to say seeing as I have no experience with him in game.