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If not choosing Merc's, which boots should Anivia get?

Sorcerer's Shoes 13 68.42%
Boots of Swiftness 5 26.32%
Boots of Speed 1 5.26%
Voters 19 .

Boots for Anivia?

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I've always wondered what would be the best shoes to get for Anivia. For the sake of simplicity, we'll leave out Mercury's Treads. It's not that I hate Merc's, but rather what shoes should I get if I don't get Merc's. If that doesn't help you, pretend the enemy team has at most one effective stunner, or two effective disabler (slows, snares, sleeps (?), immobilizers, fears), or 1 stunner and 1 disabler. Or no CCs. Whatever. Point is, don't think about Mercury's Treads.

Also, I like to take Flash on Anivia because I've found little use for anything else except Clarity and maybe Clairvoyance. Or I suck. I just do best with Flash in my arsenal.

Sorcerer's Shoes (1100g): Standard burst damage caster stuff. Item-wise, the MPen is replaceable by Haunting Guise (1337g, -10% CD) and Abyssal Scepter (2650g, aura MPen) and Void Staff (2295g, 40% MPen).

Boots of Swiftness (1000g): I'd choose this if I'm expected to be locked into combat frequently. And I mean very frequently. Of course, the expectations with this is that I either have a large mana bank or I get Golem frequently. Or they really like to focus on me.

Boots of Mobility (1000g): Cross-country travel! Good for getting Golem and coming back into the lanes. FYI, Crystallize (ice wall) doesn't count as "combat", but getting hit does count.

tl;dr version:
Which boots?
--290 base speed.
--Opposing team has little to no CCs.
--Utility Speed Masteries.
--Flash is taken as a summoner ability.
--No teleport summoner ability (for those thinking about the tele trick).

EDIT: Whoops that last option should be Boots of Mobility, not Boots of Speed >.< phailure

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Senior Member


Sorc shoes. Unless you're playing anivia for just the utility spells, the magic penetration will help you most. Your mass slows should be able to even the game speedwise.

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Welfare Bot



If you play like me, mobility is the best. Here's why.

Your list of assumptions (barring lack of CC on other team) is almost always how I play Anivia. I might get one AP item if i'm doing really well, but generally I play utility.

I play Anivia very aggressively. I usually get a chalice first, followed by either a giant's belt or my boots, depending on how the game is feeling. Once I've got the health going, I use myself as a bait initiator when my egg's up so my trist/yi/etc. can jump in once some CD's are used up. Anivia is better than anyone (like Zilean or someone with a GA) at this type of strategy because, especially in mid-game, her egg gets pretty beefy and people just CANNOT stand the idea of letting it live, so they just bash away trying to kill your egg with an early tank item while your team mows them down.

This situation is where mobility boots really shine. If the fight goes well for my side, there's probably a straggler that needs to be run down, and if you've got mobility treads, you can chase down a hell of a lot of heroes and throw a wall in front of them or, if you're OOM, get close enough to drop one tick of your ult to slow them. The role I make for my Anivia is basically trying to add an additional kill to any 2-3 character fights.

They are also a great choice if you're not taking teleport for no reason other than her painful slowness.