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jax, strategies and builds

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I have been playing jax for a few days now and I find him viable for a lot of scenarios. I normally start out with building him with ap for the main purpose of leaping strike and counterstrike. I generally fight until I get the active pop on CS then leap and unleash it. I don't play too much with empower, but I was hoping sombody could give me a few tips.

Would like to know builds, runes, and masteries you use.

Would like to know ur strategies for initiating combat and ganks.

Also, are there certain partners and heros I should lane with and which ones to avoid.

I start out with dorans shield, ninja tabai, rageblade, then depending on who I lane with/agaist determines the next items. Usually phantom dancer, but I would like to know what everyone thinks abt how to play jax.

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I really love AP jax.

Usually go dodge boots, guinshoo's rageblade, sheen. When it's going well, i buy Zhonya's Ring and after that rilai's scepter. When it's going bad i buy banshee's veil. It really depends on your opponents what you should buy. THe good thing about jax is that he's so versatile..

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Jax, like many champs, is only as good as the person playing him. My item build order is the same, every game.

1. Boots of Speed
2. Upgrade boots to Ninja Tabi.
3. Pickaxe
4. Upgrade to Guinsoo's Rageblade
5. Zeal
6. Upgrade to Phantom Dancer

At this point, I start to tailor my items depending on what champs the enemy team has. Banshee's Veil for heavy single target damage, Thornmail for heavy physical teams, ect.

As for Masteries, I go 0/21/9. The defense tree really shines with Jax. The extra dodge, HP, and reduced damage taken can be a huge help.

For runes, I go attack speed, crit chance, and cooldowns. However, that's only because I dont have the IP to buy runes specifically for Jax yet.

As for Skills, I max out E first, because that skill is your bread and butter. Followed by Q, because it's basically a conditional flash that can catch a runner, or a great way to shake a persuer. Being chased to a your tower after a gank? Jump to the first creep in your friendly creep wave. I max out W last, however that's not because it isnt useful. Far from it, I just find that E and Q are far more important to success with Jax.

One thing to bear in mind with Jax is that you can cast summoner spells while in the air during a Leap Strike. You can also hit leap, and then hit your stun mid-air to insta-cast it when you hit the ground and stun your target before they can react.

One of my favorite strategies with Jax is to wait on the edges of the jungle for the enemy to push up to your tower and start hitting it. Run out of the jungle behind them and press them in the direction of your tower. Then they have a tough choice, die from the tower, or die from a lamp post (or spiked two-by-four, in my case) to the face. Basically, as Jax you should be trying to put your opponent in the most unfavorable situation possible. Most people, when trapped between a tower and a decent Jax dont really know what to do and just end up standing there as you slaughter them.

Leap-Strike. Use it wisely. Yes, it has a short CD, but when you're almost dead and need an out, Leap-Striking to an ally or allied minion can save your bacon from some of the most hopeless situations. Dont use it when you're already in melee range. It should be used as an initiator/chasing tool/escape mechanism. You dont need to use it every time it's up. That little bit of extra DPS isnt worth not having it when you NEED it.

In short, fight smarter, not harder. Use positioning to your advantage, and dont fight fair if you dont have to. It's a team game, after all.

Hope that helps!


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I played against a Jax that trucked our team. He pushed Warmog's then atma's. The theory is that he does plenty of good damage (with ult especially) as long as he's in there attacking. Push the best value HP/gold in the game and just always attack. If the team supports (heals, invuls, chalice, aura's, etc.) he can't be stopped.