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just got zilean seeking updated guide

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9/0/21 (obviously)

Flash and ignite (flash is my escape crutch; Bomb/rewind/bomb topped with Ignite is certain death)

Mpen red
mp5 yellows
Ap/lvl or mp5 blues
Flat Hp quints

Core items:
Catalyst, Sorc Boots, Morellos
Upgrade Catalyst to BV
Then get Zhonyas
From here you have enough AP for your bomb/rewind/bomb combo to do 75% dmg to most champs, so build more for total annihilation or build more survivability.
More AP items - Abysall Secpter, Rylais, Deathcap, or even Mejas
More survivability - GA (two deaths are hilarious), QSS, look at enemy team and determine MR or Armor

Buy blue elixir every return trip to max CDR (18 from Masteries, 20 from Morellos)
Buy wards for map awareness

9% through masteries not 18%