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Mordekiser, Tanky Ap

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First, I played Mordekiser according to this build
At first, I had some success with it, but I would get owned by other teams in solo queques as this build is meant to be used with set teams, (At least that is how I feel about this build).
So, I started to experiment a bit with different builds, noting how Riot rates Mordekiser, i.e. he is a jack of all trades, but does not excell at any. So I changed up my build to incorperate this.
I have success with this build mid to late game. This build makes it so that you can survive the team fight and still be able to lay the hurt down on the other team.

For Runes, I focus on cool downs for blue and quints, yellow is what you want, I go health regen per level or straight health or more cool downs and red has got to be magic pen

For Masteries, I go 9/21/0 build. This is to buff up his defense for the early game and give him that punch need for mid to late game.

For Summoner Skills, ignite has to be one of the skill and the second is your choice, I either go a mobility spell, like ghost or flash, or I run exhaust and take the Mastery for it instead putting it into the Critical Mastery

For items, I start with Rejuvenation Bead and 4 pots and a ward if they have a jungler or 6 pots if they dont have a jungler. From here I exchange the Bead inorder to get boots and a hextech revolver. Once I get enough money I get another. Now I have 40% spell vamp and some nice ap too. Boots is dependant on the team. If they have alot of cc, then get treads. If they don't have much cc then get Sorcerer's Shoes or if you need to sling spells faster then get Ionian Boots. From here it is team dependant, yours and the enemy team. Build according to what your team needs and what you need to survive. Normally that means getting more cc, up grading one of the revolvers to the gun blade for the nuke slow, getting Rylai's or both or getting armor or magic resist depending on who is the most fed on the other team. Your last item, if it gets that far into the game, is what you did not get first. So to rephrase it, the last three items are cc, armor or magic resist gotten according to METTC. (Mission, Enemy, Time, Terrian, Civilian Considerations)

For skills, get your E, this skill is pretty much the most important skill for Mordekiser next to his ult. Next get your Q, and don't put another point into as it stacks with your damage and ap as you level and get items. Then follow R>E>W>Q.

Get used to putting your W on whenever you are in a situation where you are going into a dangerious situation, i.e. fighting under enemy tower, entering a bush where and enemy could be, entering into a team fight, fighting creep in the jungle and many others. Do not use your W when you are in your laneing phase as this would push the other team too far back making you an easy target to be ganked. You want them in the lane not under their turret as there is too much distance from your turret, (safety), and their turret and Mordekiser has no mobility skills aside from summoner spells that could be better used to chase down the enemy then running away from then. Next, get creative with your W, with your spell vamp, it acts like Galio's Bulkward, but better. Your W is a Swiss Army knife with all sorts of cool uses, go out and find some.

Now on to the game

Early game, buy the items that fit your situation then rock on down to your lane. You have to play passive and use your E conservativily as it eats up hp quick. Play smart, play safe. Consider who you are facing and play accordingly. When you either run out of pots, you die, or the tower goes down for either team, port back and get your revolver and boots. Now you have some survivibilty with the spell vamp but not enough to tank really well. By this time, it should be on to Mid game.

Mid game, if you decide to farm, get a ward. No exceptions, wards will save your butt and keep you alive and gaining exp. Being dead never helps anyone except the other team. If the enemy is massing somewhere and you have team mates there, then go and help out. If your team is massing somewhere then go with your team. You are an off tank Ap, meaning you can rock 1v1 but you shine more in a team fight where your soul can now start killing the other team, instead of being next to useless against minions and turrets. Continue to do this till you have pushed the other team back or they have back door you back to your base. Now we are in the late game.

Late game, by now you should feel like you are a cowboy with two revolvers, tier two boots and a fourth item or you turned one of your revolvers in for a gun blade, (getting more spell vamp and life steal and making your Q own). Focus on staying with the team and warding Baron. You can farm like no other so putting a ward down on Baron is not something that should set you back. Here experience comes into play, depending on the situation, if you are down to your tower in base, turtle and only come out when you killed a few of the other champs to push out. If the other team is turtling then you need to bust open the back door or talk one of your carries into doing it. With a double assualt against a turtling enemy, most teams fall for the indecision and lose towers. Again play smart, if they manage to kill you or your carry then back up. Never go into a fight down a guy. Play smart, pay attentions to the mini map to catch a back dooring Yi or other carry to stop that guy and claim his soul to use in back dooring his base. Play safe, play smart, take your time, you are Mordekiser and the enemy should fear you whenever you step any where near them.

Feel free to take what you like and try new things out. This works for me, and can be tweaked to work for you. It all depends on how you play.

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For tanky Ap, i would scrap the Tanky, and just be Ap, or vamp to be more accurate.
Trying to do to much on different levels such as Tank and AP may hurt the team, instead just stack Gunblades (4) a Rylais, and sorceshoes and that all the AP/Tank/Mage/killing machine your team will ever need

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Hefty Sak

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you keep playing that way and following advice from an outdated guide.

i will keep playing my way and dominating you every game i encounter you playing morde.