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Any tips for Kassadin?

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I run 9/0/21 as Kass and flash and ignite masteries. Ignite is **** good for adding to your burst and flash means you can get miles away from even the scariest ganks. I know some people take cleanse since you can pop it when you get cc'd to run away but honestly I think if you get in that position you are pretty much dead whatever.

I have to agree with flash and ignite as summoners. Flash allows you to use your riftwalk more aggressively in fights and still have a way out. I use to use cleanse, and while it's still a great summoner on Kass it never seemed to save my ass as much as flash when I was being too aggressive. Ignite is a must because Kass ALWAYS seems to do 90% damage to someone and then your abilities are on cooldown so ignite will get you a lot of kills (especially in the lane).