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Some players seem to think that one pair of boots is as good as the other. Most guides will say otherwise but provide scant information as to why, but in the actual game, I'm seeing way too many players with the wrong boots. I thought I'd give my input which, while not law and canon in any way, seems more sensible than the behaviour I sometimes see in solo queue games.

Brief summary of each pair:

Only worthwhile on champions that rely entirely on their auto-attack, and particularly ones whose auto-attack damage is naturally amplified in some way. Also best used on champions who have some innate way of dealing with crowd control. Sivir is a prime example.

Only worthwhile on champions that rely entirely on their nukes: Annie, Ryze, Veigar etc. If the champion has a nuke but generally occupies a different role, such as Kayle or Soraka, other boots should be chosen.

Generally considered a poor choice on almost any champion, but once in a while exceptions can be made based on champion and enemy team composition. If you don't rely on one particular type of damage output, aren't a tank, aren't facing any CC, and rely a lot on mobility, they can be used. Kayle against a no-CC team is an example of this.

Very rarely a viable choice. If ganking is your sole purpose but you don't rely on long sequences of auto-attacking or on heavy spell burst damage, and need to be able to get around the map in a hurry, you might consider these. Shaco is practically the only example.

Ninja Tabi:
Potentially viable for tanks against carry-heavy, low-CC teams. Otherwise, only really worthwhile on champions specifically designed around the dodge mechanic. That'll be Jax.

Mercury Treads
Should almost always be taken unless the enemy team has practically no CC and you aren't filling a specialized role. The exception is heavy nukers who can lean a little more towards Sorcs. If the enemy team has two stunners and several snares, you should pretty much always go Mercs. When in doubt, go Mercs!

Your choice of boots can be summed up in the 'if-then' construct normally used in computer coding:

- there are two or more sources of "hard" CC on the enemy team, such as Fiddlesticks + Alistar
- There is any kind of large AoE disable on the enemy team, such as Amumu's ultimate
- There is any kind of long-duration (2+ sec) CC on the team and you are likely to be the target (you're the carry or initiator)
- You do not rely heavily on dealing damage or covering great distances in a hurry
Get Mercs!
- Get Ninjas if you are the tank
- Get Zerkers/Sorcs if you are DPS
- Get Swiftness/Mobility if you are a pure ganker, jungler, or need to switch lanes constantly; this should be the utmost exception
end if

Basically, get Mercs if you don't need other boots to fill a specific role (Jax, Shaco, lane-pushing Sivir, caster carry) unless the enemy team has literally no disables.

A select few champions such as Sivir and Mundo can deal with CC a lot better than others, so they can lean more towards other boots but should still consider Mercs against CC-heavy teams.

Get your Mercs if there isn't a specific reason not to!

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Boots of Mobility are incredible on heroes like Heimer and Pirate in order to sneak off a missile or Parley. Most often though if anyone gets it its Pirate due to parley being his bread and butter damage and mobility giving him a shot in catching up and finishing off a runner rather easily.

Swiftness really is a great choice on tanks. Sure you can claim that Ninja Tabi or Mercury Treads are good, but unless a team is CC heavy or Carry Heavy, that Swiftness isn't that big of a penalty that can do an incredible job in catching runners and managing to get an Ace if a team fight turns in your favor. A tank should never be targetted if the team is smart besides for CC to mainly stop theres. If carries are focusing on a tank then well, the tank can take the abuse with the less dodge while the rest of the team rips them apart.

In the end though I do like to say that Mercury Treads by far in most games are the best choice for most characters. There are occasions when such won't be true but in most cases its just going to be better. Boots are a heavily "game based" variation that depends on who is being versed.

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Unless you are jax, fiddle, veigar, or annie, get merc treads.

I'm sure I missed one or two exceptions, but there aren't more than 7-8.

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Actually, for the Pirate, I'd still get Merc Treads. Mobility take 5 seconds to regain the massive speed boost, and by then, if they aren't safe, well they are doing something wrong. Mobility boots are viable on Eve or Twitch. Eve and Twitch can really use the bonus to speed while they are stealthed, allowing them to appear practically anywhere on the map. And we all know, when they appear, Fights can turn. Shaco would have a more difficult time with them, and can only make use of them for charging in.

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When i play warwick i like swiftness the best, because usually players only get the ones with +2 mobility so its easy to catch up to them and lower them down to 50% where my passive will kick in and they are practically dead unless they have a pocketkayle. i personally don't like Mercury Treads because if you do get stunned/slowed in the end game it will be long enough for the rest of the team to catch up. Mobility is never good on any character just because you lose the +5 mobility when you get hit because then you are technically "engaged in battle." Also Berserker's boots really don't help unless you are farming, but honestly if your champion is centered on auto-atk then just get swiftness so you can catch up and get more hits off before they reach their turret.
Jax should definitly get ninja's tabai because he doesn't need movement speed when chasing or when being chased and mages in general always get sorceror's.

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I've found Swiftness to be a great choice for Mundo because he already has cc reduction (burning agony) and he can use the higher move speed to keep in range of faster champs in order to slow them with his cleaver. Just an observation on my part though.