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Call-outs / quick request menu.

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Have you ever played Team Fortress 2 ? Something great in this game is when you want te be healed, you press a key and there's a call-out that appears upon your head. There should be something like this in LoL, but customizable. So during a fight, you could call for "STUN" or "SLOW" : it's quicker & more understandable than saying it on ventrilo/teamspeak, and it would make strategies easier to make in public games.

I also think about a "quick request menu" such as in World in Conflict or Battlefield 2. It's quite quick and it provides player with a way to request actions without having to "ask them" in the chat or with the VoiP. It really makes communication easier, especially when we don't speak the same language.

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This would be fantastic.

A selection of popups for yourself, allies, or enemies.

Enemies: Target, disable, general ping.
Allies: Back, Help(me), Help(him), general ping.
Yourself: Heal, Buff, Follow(?), general ping.

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Seconded, I suggest the UX devs take a long hard look at how L4D automatic player reactions (such as "reloading", "stay still while I heal you" etc.) affect team work. Some indications on what your team mates are about to do without touching the chat and/or Vent would be great. There is already a way to assign targets, but how about more visible waypoints for team coordination in ganks or general orders like "fall back" and such?

I suppose this isn't a mission critical feature, but there's a lot of product value to be gained from making it easier to make a solid team from random people as games like L4D and TF2 prove.