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OP, Balanced, or Toss?

OP 0 0%
Balanced 1 50%
Toss 1 50%
Voters 2 .

Akari Kearn, The Balancier

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Name: Akari Kearn
Surname: The balancier

type: mage, carry, (support? i dont know about this one reply in post what you think.)

Passive: Unbalanced= Every attack done to a allied champion reduces attacker's attack and defense by 1% for each lvl attacker is. (does not stack highest reduction possible done can be 18%.)

[Q]: Life= (activated ability) Akari releases an AoE channel of life healing allies with in AoE.
(LvL 1): Heals self and and nearby allies for 50 health.
(LvL 2): " 100 health
(LvL 3): " 150 health
(LvL 4): " 200 health
(LvL 5): " 250 health

(Cooldown)=(LvL 1): 20 seconds
(LvL 2): 19 seconds
(LvL 3): 18 seconds
(LvL 4): 17 seconds
(LvL 5): 16 seconds

(Range)=(LvL 1): 50 radius
(LVL 2): 100 radius
(LvL 3): 150 radius
(LvL 4): 200 radius
(LvL 5): 250 radius

(Mana Cost)=(LvL 1): 60 mana
(LvL 2): 80 mana
(LvL 3): 100 mana
(LvL 4): 120 mana
(LvL 5): 140 mana

[W]:Balanced=(toggle on/off) Akari channels the balanced between life and death to increase the effectiveness of his abilities.
(LvL 1): Life: increases effectivness by 10%
Death: increases effectivness by 10%
(LvL 2): Life: " 20%
Death: " 20%
(LvL 3): Life: " 30%
Death: " 30%
(LvL 4): Life: " 40%
Death: " 40%
(LvL 5): Life: " 50%
Death: " 50%

(Cooldown): always 5 seconds

(Mana Cost): (adds mana cost to cost of ability used (ex. Life: LvL 1 =60 + 10 = 70 mana for spell).)
(LvL 1): 10 mana
(LvL 2): 20 mana
(LvL 3): 30 mana
(LvL 4): 40 mana
(LvL 5): 50 mana

[E]: Death = (activated) Akari realeases a ball of death dealing magic damage to any enemy in the AoE
(LvL 1): 50 magic damage
(LvL 2): 100 magic damage
(LvL 3): 150 magic damage
(LvL 4): 200 magic damage
(LvL 5): 250 magic damage

(Cooldown): (LvL 1)= 10 seconds
(LvL 2)= 15 seconds
(LvL 3)= 20 seconds
(LvL 4)= 25 seconds
(LvL 5)= 25 seconds

(Range): always 300 radius

(Mana Cost): (LvL 1)= 50 mana
(LvL 2)= 80 mana
(LvL 3)= 100 mana
(LvL 4)= 120 mana
(LvL 5)= 125 mana

(AoE): (LvL 1)= 20 radius
(LvL 2)= 40 radius
(LvL 3)= 50 radius
(LvL 4)= 60 radius
(LvL 5)= 60 radius

(Any damage done minions will cut the damage by 50%)

[R]: Balance of the World (BotW) Akari releases the energy of life and death in AoE of 400 radius forming a yin and yang sign healing allies and damaging enemies. 2 seconds before and after ability is activated Akari becomes invincible taking no magic, or physical damage from any enemy champions.

This ability realeases Life [Q] and Death [E] simultaneously to anyone in the AoE. Balance efects are added into the equation for damage and heal increasing the effect even further. This will turn off Balanced and cancel effects of Unbalanced

(Cooldown): (LvL 1)= 1 minute
(LvL 2)= 2 minute
(LvL 3)= 3 minutes and 30 seconds

(AoE): always 400 radius

(Mana Cost): (LvL 1)= 300 mana
(LvL 2)= 600 mana
(LvL 3)= 1000 mana
Please note his ult is a huge mana drainer when he becomes a level 16. 1000 mana is a good price to pay for a strong attack like that so please to vote for overpowered before looking him over.

Taunt: Surrender now or spend your life in darkness!
Joke: ? (Need help with one.)
Selection: let's show them our hearts then show them theirs!
Movement: (1= May they die in peace.)
(2= Who's next?)
(3= ?)(Need help.)

Lore: Before the thought of man there was no life or death but darkness and light. Dark and Light fought for eons before coming to anytype of agreement. This agreement was to both give their souls up and combine them creating a being named Akari Kearn. With this fusion cam life and death. This one being balanced out his plane of existence for over millions of years until finally creating Mankind for his amusement. He spent a couple hundred thousand years meddling with the humans and had a couple of kids. Until one day one of his kids decided to fight back against Akari for killing his mom for no reason. After a thousand years of training his son mastered a level in which Akari himself couldnt obtain. Even being a creature of light and darkness himself. His son fought back against him and finaly gained the throne diminshing his father's powers and exiling him to earth to live among the humans he created to balance out the way of life and death there. After settling countless wars between people his son let him free but ordered him to stay on earth so he could be called upon if he was neweded once more. Hearing this Akari decided to join the league of legends to make use of his powers.

"He may be A complete a** but he did save me and my family from beinging engulfed in the civil war of my country. And for that i thank him." - Random farmer from Demacia.
Recommened items:
Doran's ring
Soccerer's shoes
Lich Bane
Rabadon's deathcap
Philosopher's stone
Guardian angel