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[champion suggestion] Baldor Swift duelist

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LR Vago




Runterra has got many popular sports. Horse races, Hunting, Archery. But no sport is so exciting that the Dueling. A face-to-face combat when two fighters fight for first hit, first blood, or to the death.

from the roaming arenas, a young man called baldor soon made himself a name, being admired for his capacity to adapt himself aganist the enemy weakness, and using for his own, but he got another goals that just some arenas. Like Urf, the manetee, Baldor saw Jax as a inspiration to enter the league, he wanted to test himself aganist that Grandmaster, to see how great he was.

-"this Kiddo has a great potential. he reminds myself when they letted me use a real weapon"- Jax grandmaster at arms

apparence: http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=duelist&order=9&offset=48#/d1htpdt

Dps- Assasin
his ult and excelent 1v1 makes him a great assasin, but also capable to sustain a fight aganist almost any enemy.


Innate: Deadly cadence:
Baldor adapts his style of fight to break throught the target weakness.
everey attack to the same target makes him:
(if enemy has more armor than attack speed or AP) gain +1 damage and +1 armor pen
(if enemy has more attack Speed) +1 damage and +1 dodge chance
(if enemy has more AP) + 1 damage and 5% of the damage is reduced to the mana

can stack up to 10 times
effect losses if he changes target or if he dosent hit the target again for 2 seconds

basically the innate that allows Blador to 1v1, however he depends a lot of this passive so its weak aganist harrasament

combat forward:
Baldor charges forward in a line in front of him doing:
(skillshot range:0-100) deals 100/150/225/27/330(+1,5 AD) in an area of 400 around him, and knock back enemies.
(skillshot range 100-500) knock back enemies during moving (skillshot) adn deals 70/100/150/190/220(+1AD) to enemies in 300 range
skillshot: 500-750) knock back enemies who passes by dealing 40/80/120/170/240 and stuns in an area of 300

cost: 80/90/100/110/120

combat retreat: (only castable 1,5 seconds after combat forward) Baldor swiftily retreats from combat, moving 400 range to the opposite direction he is facing
Cost: no cost
CD: no cd

W: Destructive cadence:
Baldor reinforces his sword dealing 2/3/4/5/6 more damage per stack, gaining 1 stack per second
CD: 10/10/10/10/10

Destructive throw:
Baldor Breaks his destructive cadence whit a grand finale, throwing knifes (equal to the number of stacks) to the nearbest targests (priorizes champions) each dagger deals 50/70/90/110/130 damage.
Cost: 5/7/10/13/15 per stack

E: Blade dance:
Offensive: (passive) baldor has extra 10/15/20/25/30% attack speed
(active): badlor hits all enemies around him for 120/150/200/250/300 % AD
Deffensive: passive: increases dodge chance by 8/9/10/11/12% also each time he dodges the enemy you dodged become stuned for 0,5 seconds.
Active: you gain a shield equal to 70/100/120/180/250% AD.

Ulti: Duel: baldor picks an enemy, that enemy can only deal and recive damage to baldor an baldor can only deal and recive damage to that enemy, both have 50/100/100% extra AD and baldor has an additional 0/0/50% AD. Also deadly cadence and destructive cadence stacks have double effect