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[Skin Suggestion] MALZA-man, a Malzahar skin!

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Junior Member


As the suggestion states, I ops for a super hero Malzhar skin (legendary or not) to be implemented. I think a skin like this matches Malzahar like bread to butter because:

- Superheroes fly, Malzahar floats (same thing imo)
- Laser eye beams, Malzahar's ult in this case
- Sidekicks, voidling can apply?
- Capes, replace Malzahar's scarf thingy and place one on voidling
- Mask, replace cowl (think of Vizier Malzahar) and place one on voidling
- Muscles, Mal kinda has them.....
- Costume, Hmph.....whoever thinks of one for Malzahar.
- Symbol, Malzahar needs one to. Any ideas, drawings of some?

His skills can look different too:

Call of the Void: Malzahar slams 2 floating rocks together (mentally)

Malefic Visions: Telepathic waves inflicting the enemies mind

Null Zone: Tornado (or) Whirlpool (or) whatever Riot thinks is suitable

Nether Grasp: Killer eye beams duh! Probably red as most are. ex. cyclops

Either way, that's my suggestion towards this skin. I hope riot can see the potential of this and develop it. If so, then I only ask that riot give me recognition for the inital brain wave!

Thx for any upvotes

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Senior Member


Dude, you read wayyy to many Marvel comics.
But it's cool, yeh.

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Junior Member


Warwick -> Wolverine
Janna -> Storm
Jarvan -> Superman
TF -> Gambit
Blitz -> Magneto? Skillwise at least
Lux -> Cyclops (laz0r ftw)
Mundo -> Hulk/Thing
Brand -> Human Torch
Eve -> Invisible woman
Katarina -> Catwoman
Lee Sin -> Daredevil

I sez Riot strikes a deal with Marvel =D