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League Battle - # 1

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There will be more, it's just really late and i r-e-a-l-l-y wanted to started this. Feedback is nice, and maybe let me know what champions you want to see!

The crowd roared through the stadiums across the realm, each zone's citizens packing the stadium, as the visual spheres began to float across the field. Each bubble represented the actions and progress of one of the individual ten champions within the battle. The battle for the day was one the citizens had been looking forward to all month, as with all battles. The weather was calm, a spell cast to ensure perfect viewing for the citizens. Each sphere flashed in preparation for battle.

A booming voice filled the stadium, and the crowd roared even louder, though the roar itself couldn't compared to the void that began preparation.

"Ladies and gentlemen, monsters, creatures, witches and wizards, Ionia, Noxus, Demacia, and any other cities who are listening, this is the League of Legends!"

Throughout the realm, voices could be heard screaming, spouting their individual nation's praise.

"Now i require every to settle, preparations are now beginning, and the summoners are started the process!"

The fans all stared at the floating spheres as they flashed revealing ten mage-like figures, 5 per team, on either side of the massive stadium. Silence set, and some people held their breathe, hoping that their favorite champion would be able to decimate the field of justice.

"As you know, each team consists of 5 members each. These members must separate into their lanes, and kill enemy minions, destroy enemy towers, and your favorite part, killing each other."

Roars echoed once more, with fans screaming till their throats were sore, and screaming till they lost their voices. Even then, they could still be heard choking out air in excitement. This was un-avoidable, and the announcer waited his usual 30 seconds of pause, before announcing again. If they were still screaming, that was their problem.

Once again the stadium filled with silence, the crowd growing accustomed to the steps that lead to the battle.

"Now, our champions will be all on stand-by, and if they are selected, will be brought to a preparation room to plan their battle. The summoners themselves, while responsible for maintaining the champion, do not have complete control, but there is enough to prevent any outside rivals from slitting each others throats should they end up on the same team."

Now came the interesting part. In this match, four champions would be banned from each teams captain. This part, while controversial, often makes fights more interesting, due to not seeing the same champion constantly.

"Team Captain on the Blue team has first ban, Team Captain on Pink team will then receive two bans, and Blue will get the final ban, with Pink getting first pick. Complicated i know but that's how it works."

Not a sound could be heard through the stadiums. Anticipation grew as each group of citizens hoped to see their favorite champion representing them on the field of justice.

"Now, summoners are you prepared?" The figures in the bubbles acknowledged the commentator, and all eyes moved to the sphere flashing the Blue Captain. He raised a hand, and with a booming voice announced "Rammus!"

Many fans screamed in disgust about this, as the Armordillo from the Shurima Desert had not been seen in a match-up for quite some time, as some summoners were quoted 'He's just to hard to kill, better not to worry about it'. Many other fans made no reaction, as this was something to be expected.

All eyes now turned to the Pink Captain, given two champions to ban from today's event, and the screams from the Rammus announcement had already died off. The Pink summoner made a distorted face as he announced his first ban of Jax. The crowd roared, their favorite tournament competitor had been removed, and although he was a great crowd pleaser, many summoners wished not to chance it against the Grandmaster.

He raised his hand yet again, and his voiced roared 'Malphite!'. Fans could be heard crying out at this, though most could care less. The unique being, who decimated the field of justice a few times, was another champion that had wreaked havoc on the field while seeming unstoppable.

The Blue Captain smirked, and he raised his hand screaming 'Nocturne!'. Fans screamed, not in disgust or upset manners, but screamed in cheers and gleefulness. The Nightmare Creature was one that not many denizens of Valoran were fond of. Not only was he terrifying, but after a fight with him many of the champions were un-able to compete in another tournament for months, screaming nothing but terrible visions, and often sustaining grievous injuries.

"And that concludes the banning session of this battle!" The fans let their vocal cords loose and their voices heard as they began to chant the particular champion they had been rooting for. "The Bans have been made! The Armordillo, Rammus, The Monolith Shard, Malphite, The Grandmaster at Arms, Jax, and the Nightmare Nocturne. Now it is time for the selection process, where summoner teams take turn picking from any remaining champions across Valoran, and prepare to fight it out on Summoner's Rift."

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As the crowed screamed, the commentator increased the volume of his voice echoing through the stadiums across Valoran. The bright sky shone through whatever possible weather the territories were experiencing. Nothing could prevent the fans from having the perfect viewing experience in this grand battle.

The summoners were discussing strategy, the banning process having ended, and the commentator was sharing the rules and regulations of the field.

"As everyone knows, we will be hosting today's League Battle on Summoner's Rift. There are three lanes, each with three turrets. The Primary turret is closest to the river which cuts through the field, and is also the weakest of the turrets. The goal of this tower is to provide positioning for the teams to push a short distance to the enemy turret, and a place to recover should they become injured in battle. The second tower is a great distance from the first one, and has an opening to the near-by jungle area. This tower is much more difficult to take, not only because it is stronger, but it is much closer to that teams spawning area and healing pool. The opposing team must work together to weaken and eventually destroy this tower, which then forces the other team even further into their own territory."

The crowd continued to discuss their hopes for the battle, which champions they'd like to see, discussing going-ons through-out Runeterra. This speech had been something they'd nearly all committed to memory, and would also be repeated through-out the battle whenever the information was relevant. The empty spheres reflected the sky, as clouds drifted off their shiny surfaces with a cool blue.

"The Third turret, and the final of the individual lane, is known as the Inhibitor Turret. This turret is EXTREMELY important to the team that controls it, because should this turret be destroyed, their is an opening that allows champions to enter their Nexus area with no resistance besides minions. And we all know this late in the game, those little critters aren't capable of much. Once this turret is destroyed, that sides Inhibitor for that lane also becomes destroyable. Should it be destroyed, it will take some time before it is reconstructed, and two things will happen.

One, the team that destroyed the inhibitor on the lane will begin spawning a Super Minion at the back of end minion wave. This Super Minion is capable of taking on an entire line of minions by himself, guaranteeing each minion wave they send to make it to the enemy base to wreak havoc. The second thing that will happen is the Nexus Turrets will become vulnerable to attack. These are the strongest turrets in Summoner's Rift, and are placed side by side, causing double the damage out-put, and double the protection. Should both of these Nexus Turrets be destroyed, the Nexus becomes capable of destruction, and if the Nexus is destroyed, the game is ended. Whichever team destroyed the Nexus becomes this months winner and will hold the glory of victory until their next battle."

Conversation continued, but a few fans paying attention shouted out in excitement. With the Rules speech over, Champion Selection would begin. Once the Champions for each side were chosen, the commentator would proceed to announce Champion affairs, giving the summoners and champions time to discuss laning, strategy, and what targets to focus in their fights. That would be another period for the fans who have memorized the speech to begin to discuss which side their rooting for, and what champion they wish to shine in this battle.

"Summoners, please approach your summoning platform, and I Believe Pink Captain gets first pick, followed by two picks by Blue team, Two by Pink, Two by Blue, Two by Pink, and Finally one by Blue."

The mage figures approached and the bubbles flashed across the field revealing the summoners image. It was a dark image, but would disappear shortly to reveal what they were all looking forward to. The champion who would be the real source of excitement today.

"Pink Team, Please begin the selection process. You will have 1 minute, no more, to select the champion you will use on today's field of justice."

The mage paused for several moments, a delay tactic often used where they would wait till the last second to select, causing the enemy team to spend more time figuring out a counter, and possibly wasting time. Not a sound could be heard in the stadium, all eyes were on the first bubble on the right side of the field. A grunt could be heard as his voiced boomed out "I summon Morgana." Roars of excitement could be heard as Morgana's image, fierce and dark as ever, appeared on the bubble. That would be the last of Pink Captain for the remainder of the fight.

"Woah! What a crowd pleaser! Morgana the Fallen Angel will be the Team Captain for Pink, but let's not waste any time, plenty of discussion after it's all said and done. Team Blue, Please pick your first two champions!"

The blue summoners were already deep in discussion. Morgana was a mighty opponent, they all knew that, and was capable of causing great pain to even the strongest of champions. They would need a strong counter to take her out.

Both summoners approached their platforms, and their selected champions appeared as they shouted out their names. "I summon Veigar!" "I summon Warwick!" Roars of approval spread. Veigar was one who used the magical strength of his opponent against him, a good counter against a mage like Morgana, and they jumped the gun on getting their teams Jungle fighter, a very important member of any team.

"Amazing! Veigar the Tiny Master of Evil is another dark mage figure. It appears the Blue Captain is gunning on taking out the Pink Captain! Warwick the Blood Hunter, cursed scientist of Zaun, will be a perfect addition to any team, and it looks like Blue got to him first! Fans, even i am looking forward to this battle! Now it is Pink's turn again, please select your next two champions!"

This would be the moment to counter Warwick and Veigar. Veigar was known for his powerful magic against mages, but as a yordle his small stature often made him extremely vulnerable. A damaging champion that could quickly take him out would be perfect, and someone to hunt after Warwick would be spectacular.

The next two Pink Summoners approached their individual platforms, the crowds roaring louder than ever, some falling out of their seats in excitement. "Shen!" This was unexpected, and the crowd paused for a moment, before roaring in excitement once more. The expressionless face of the Eye of Twilight appeared on the round sphere, and the next summoner quickly spoke "Vayne!"

Upon speaking the name, the familiar face reflected across the sphere, and across all of Valoran nobody screamed louder than the Demacians. Their protector of the night had arrived on the field, and would purge the enemy team of all things evil. Considering they consisted already of Warwick, gone crazy from a curse and a dark heart, and the Tiny master of evil, this choice seemed almost natural.

"What a battle this is turning out to be! Vayne the Night Hunter and Shen, The Eye of Twilight have been selected to battle for the Pink team today! Shen is an unexpected choice, but his ability to distract opponents and quickly protect any of his teammates is a well desired characteristic for a champion."

All eyes turned to the next two Blue members. This would be an extremely hard decision for the summoners, and this would most likely be a last second decision. This decision, however, was made quickly as the summoners spoke. "Cho'Gath!" "Katarina!"

Silence hushed the crowd. The void beast known as Cho'Gath was one that was a horror to even the most strong-willed of men. The beast ate it's victims, and grew to a massive size becoming nearly unstoppable. Katarina was a terror in herself. Killer instincts and an obsession with violence, this combo was fierce, and one not to be taken lightly.

"It seems the Blue team is going for one of evil power, and all out destruction today! This is sure to be a bloody battle for even those with the strongest of stomachs. Children, i suggest you don't watch, but that's not my decision now is it? Let the selection process continue! We are to the final two choices for the Pink team, already consisting of Morgana, Shen, and Vayne."

Without a moment of hesitation, two choices were announced. "BlitzCrank!" "Singed!" and the crowd gasped. Singed, the ex-apprentice of Warwick, was now on the opposing team of his former master, and would result in them killing each other. Realizing that last fact sent the crowd into a frenzy. BlitzCrank would easily add to the chaos, ripping enemy champions from the protection they knew well, and dragging them into their team, allowing quick decimation of any individual target that wandered to far from safety.

"Wow, and i repeat, Wow! Ladies and Gentlmen, Warwick and Singed, an old pair or master and apprentice, will now be opponents on todays Field on Justice. This match just gets better and better! Let's view our final choice for blue team, and then go berserk, what do you say!" Even before the final selection, the crowd was already going berserk, this battle was sure to be brutal and bloody in every sense of the words.

"Back to Blue Team, currently consisting of Veigar, Warwick, Cho'Gath, and Katarina! Who will be the final pick to bring this team together?"

The crowd went silent almost immediately, holding in their berserk excitement until the final selection had been made.

"I choose the Frost Archer Ashe!" Her image, next to every other champion, flashed across the final bubble, and the stadium went wild.

"There you have it! Champion selection has been concluded, i will go over the rules when the battle is about to begin. For now, Champions will meet and discuss strategy, and until that time, enjoy yourselves, and look forward to this battle!" The echo that was the commentator voice had vanished, and the citizens of the individual nations settled down for the time being. The images of the champions flashed across the field.

The Blue side: Captain Veigar, Warwick, Cho'Gath, Katarina, Ashe.

The Pink side: Captain Morgana, Shen, Vayne, Singed, BlitzCrank.

The champions appeared in their separate rooms, small black boxes with candles set around, plenty of seats, and training equipment to prepare for their battle. Members of each team stared at their teammates, and no-matter what past strife may have occurred between them, today they would be on the same team, and the battle was soon to begin.

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Pink team needs jungler

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~Blue Side~

The time had come. The individual teams had been separated into their planning zones, and the crowds would now begin grabbing any last second items, and placing bets on which team they felt would come out on top.

The Blue Team was gathered in a corner, Cho'Gath at his miniature form, a side-effect of his summoning process, but he would grow enormous as the battle progressed. Ashe was last to arrive, filled with confidence that she would provide the power required for her team. She looked between Veigar, sitting, or standing, she really couldn't tell, by himself, as Katarina and Warwick discussed their favorite ways to kill a target. She approached Veigar.

"You're the team captain correct?" Her voice calm and collected in the room of evil, as she addressed the yordle.

"Yes, that is correct!" His shrill voice grabbed the attention of the rest of the room, and Katarina snickered as quietly as possible. "Now that You're here, we can begin!" She could only tell because of instinct, but the presence of Cho'Gath seemed to scare the tiny wizard.

"Now, how shall we go about slaughtering them? Shall we cut them up and feed them to Cho'Gath, or let Warwick here shred them." The look in Katarina's eyes was ferocious, and Ashe would have quaked in her boots should she be facing her on the field. The candle light wavered, and Cho'Gath got a satisfiable expression on his face with the promise of food.

"No No No!" Veigar stood up, showing Ashe had had been sitting before, and he stood infront of Katarina pointing his Staff at her noise, while his head barely passed her knees. He looked up confidently, and she looked down cautiously. "Warwick will be spending his time in the woods, and hunting down those who wander to far from safety, that's what he does!" No objection came from anybody, including Warwick, who knew he had a job, and he loved every moment of it. "With that settled, we must decide who will take on the members at the top and middle lanes first!"

"You are aware..." Ashe looked around, apparently nobody had caught on. "You're aware that the Pink team does not have a jungler. Whoever is up top will be faced against two opponents."

Veigar waddled over to Ashe, and looked at her in the eyes, or so she thought. His face was covered, but she could feel fear in the depths of her heart. He then turned to the rest of the group. "Uhh...right...any takers?"

Katarina rubbed her eyes with a hand and sighed, "You're our team captain and managed to miss that important factor?"

Veigar plopped on the floor and shrugged. "It doesn't matter, we're still planning, it's not like I chose you all." He pointed his staff towards Cho'Gath. "How about you? I think you can stand up to them, and that just means more things to eat all to yourself!"

"Very well" Cho'Gath's voice, dark and resonating escapes his jaws, and he stalked off to the waiting zone that would open a portal to the pool beside their Nexus. Warwick was already waiting, as their roles had been decided.

"As for middle lane, i don't mean to brag but..." The handle end of a dagger pelted Veigar in the head, knocking him onto his back.

The dagger clattered on the cold stone floor and the flames began to flicker, time was almost up. "Don't even think about it pip-squeak. I trust you with the middle lane as much as i trust Warwick with children." Katarina picked her dagger off the ground and socket-ed it into her belt. She walked towards the waiting area.

"Why you!" Veigar picked himself up and pointed his staff at Katarina, but Ashe stepped in his way. "Don't worry about it, that just leaves us together, and with the two of us we're sure to win." Her soft face settled the anger in Veigar.

"Save it for the Rift, you'll get your chance at vaporizing some people soon enough." Warwick growled slightly.

"Hmmmmm, fine." Veigar adjusted his hat and waddled towards the wait zone beside Ashe.

~Pink Side~

Vayne glared at Morgana constantly. The fallen angel had a dark presence, and Vayne was swore to protect her citizens against such beings. It was taken every ounce of self-restraint, and the will of her summoner to accept that she would be fighting along side her today. Shen sat alone meditating.

Morgana looked at her team thinking out her strategy. "I will take the middle lane." Vayne snapped out of her glare and looked between the others.

"Is she...are you guys alright with this?" Vayne was shocked. She was under the assumption that she would be taking the middle zone. Shen stood up and looked at Vayne.

"Captain Morgana is most qualified. Her ability to take damage and heal in combat makes her most suited to fighting alone." He looked at her without expression, his opinion unbiased, and as much as Vayne hated to accept it, he was correct. She decided it would be best to accept it, and move on.

"Well then Captain," a hint of spite in her voice "What shall you do with the rest of us?"

Shen instead was the one to answer. "We are without a jungler, which means we have the advantage of two members at the top. I propose Singed and BlitzCrank be the ones to take that spot." The Steam Golem and the Chemist looked at each other with approval. They had worked together many times in the past, most known for their combination of pulling an opponent to their side of the field, and flipping them out of safety. They would work well against a single opponent.

Morgana looked over, stung at being interrupted, her spotlight stolen momentarily. "I believe Shen is correct...which will leave Vayne and Shen as partners in the bottom lane. We all know Vayne can't take a hit, so Shen will work best along her side."

Vayne looked hurt by the comment, and she momentarily thought about attacking Morgana, but Shen walked in her path. "Keep your emotions for the fight, and do not let your personal beliefs harm this team." He walked past her without another word, and towards the waiting area.

"May i suggest something?" Singed spoke in a gruff voice for the first time. "With Warwick being on the prowl, regardless of having a partner, it might be best to set wards in the river for our summoners to warn us of his approach. It's not a pretty sight for Warwick to catch you off guard."

Morgana thought about this. "Blitz, can you place wards in the rivers before the minions waves begin?"

Blitz grumbled some incomprehensible noise before speaking, "I believe if i Overdrive my system, i can make it across the field in perfect time if i leave right away."

Morgana grinned a dark grin. "We're all set then." She approached the portal with the other three, and Shen sat beside it meditating. The candles in the room began to flicker, signaling that the preparation phase was almost over, and the fight would soon begin.

"Let's bring them Pain."

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I really like the way you write this. I think that line about the crowd cheering at the whole murdering eachother aspect is a little bit over the top, but I love your inter champion dialogue. Looking forward to the rest!

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The bubbles all around the stadium began to flicker, the standard image of the champion's they would represent began to fade. The crowd went into hysterics signaling the preparation phase was nearing it's end, and the citizens would soon see which team would bring home the glory.

"Let's hope your bets are made, and your seats are filled, because time is almost up! During this momentary shifting period i will be explaining the combat rules. All these champions are legends, thus their status as champions in the league. Therefore, their powers and strength have been decreased by an incredible amount. In order to reach their full potential, they must gain experience through battle, and gold through killing." The crowd was going wild, most of these regulations going in one ear and out the other, they were ready for the battle to begin.

"More experience allows more powerful abilities for the champions, and gold allows their summoners to give them specific items that will increase their stats further. As the game progresses, champions become stronger and stronger, and will do battle many times through the day, and will in-fact, die in the process. Don't fret! Should a champion fall in battle from any method, be it devoured by the mighty Cho'Gath, or just one to many clunk over the head from Blitz's Fists, they will be temporarily placed in limbo, and then revived on the field fully refreshed and ready for battle."

The Pink Team had just appeared on their sides pool, and the Blue Team would follow shortly. The commentator increased his voice over the stadium even more to be able to finish his speech before the fight began. "The more champions an individual kills without dying himself, the higher a price is on his head, reaching a maximum of 1000 gold. Therefore the tide of battle can change at any moment." His voice lowered once again as Blue Team arrived. There was no getting over this excitement, and he knew it.

In the pools, champions discussed final preparations, and would be heading out.

"BlitzCrank, be sure to make it to the top with singed before the minions arrive, we can't have you missing out." Morgana had become enthralled in strategy, and hope this would go without a hitch.

The mighty steam golem acknowledged her, grabbed a pair of wards and a pair of boots, before activating his overdrive and charging off towards the river between middle and bottom lanes. From there he would head to the top lane and place one in that river, before joining Singed.

"Singed, go ahead and set out, set-up watch to make sure nobody catches Blitz off guard, I'll ensure safe crossing through middle lane, but should my opponent there see him they may set something up." The chemist nodded his head and began walking off, a mana crystal bouncing around his neck with ever step, as he twiddled with a piece of cloth leading to the top of his poison bottle.

"Vayne and Shen, try and catch up with Blitz and make sure he's safe in the river, and then head to your lane." Vayne had been caught off guard by Morgana's focus she forgot her spite for the Fallen Angel long enough to even salute her and smile. She realized her actions shortly afterwords and was disgusted with herself. She set her crossbow and Shen prepared his blades as they crossed across the field. Morgana purchased a ring and also set off.

Katarina had reached her post, avoiding any conflict with Veigar over the lane due to a threatening Cho'Gath. Warwick, as soon as the signal had been given, let out a blood curdling howl, dropped to all fours, and charged into the dark brush that was their jungle.

Cho'Gath stood beside his tower, his senses focused for the slightest bit of noise. He would do well to know his opponents on this lane, to ensure safety from any unwelcome surprises.

Ashe and Veigar hadn't yet made it to their tower, mostly because Ashe had to physically drag Veigar. Even after accepting Katarina would take the middle lane, he was protesting obnoxiously, and refused to leave. Ashe eventually dragged him along, once minions were out and battle had begun, he would quickly forget his grudge and get to work.

"I'll never understand you. You're like a child, i don't even understand why you call yourself evil." Ashe groaned as she pulled him by his collar across the ground. He immediately pulled himself free, jumped up, and pointed his staff at her face.

"I AM EVIL!" He was fuming with this insult. She put her hands up not wanting to start something before the fight had begun.

"Alright alright, you're evil! Can we get a move on? The minions will be sent out any moment now." She didn't feel he was much of a threat right now, his powers had been dampened dramatically so she was certain she could take him. She was just thankful he had gotten off of his feet and began walking beside her.

"I am evil..." he murmured to himself as he walked.

Katarina heard an odd sound, gas blowing out of something, and footsteps coming from the river. She stood up, daggers within her grip in case anything should happen this early. The sound came closer, and BlitzCrank burst out of the brush on the border of the river. She loosened up momentarily, confused as to why he appeared to be her opponent in the middle lane, but her confusion was short-lived, as Blitz sped right across the patch of land and into the brush on the other side, and the sound of his steam body dissipated.

Singed sat in the brush, looking across at the monster Cho'Gath. He hadn't yet noticed him, which would be to his advantage. He sent a message through the psychic connection with his summoner. Blitz's loud body would alert Cho to his presence. If Blitz took the long way around, he should be able to sneak in with the minion wave, and they could ambush the creature for an early kill.

BlitzCrank suddenly took a sharp turn, and took a path up into their teams jungle area, and would meet Singed in the brush. They would hide until the right moment, and if all went well kill the creature before it could get any stronger. Singed heard the brush behind him moving, and grabbed the cloth to the top of his bottle, prepared for an ambush, but shortly after heard the sputtering sounds of Blitz, and settled down. They hadn't been spotted.

Vayne sat beside the tower, Shen meditating a short ways away. She groaned constantly, and he payed her no mind. "We should head into the bushes, we can get a quick kill and ambush them!" He would mutter a response about the risk versus reward, and continue his meditation. Vayne thought about the opponents. The one she'd most like to face would be Ashe, to prove herself as a better Marksman with a bow.

Veigar stood beside Ashe, thinking about his possible opponents. "So what's your opinion about Vayne? She's new her and everything, but i think she's gotten alot of attention as the league's new bow user."

Ashe grinned and looked confident, she could see her opponents this moment. "We'll have the pleasure of finding out if her reputation is as realistic as it sounds, or if she's just killed a few creatures here and there and milked the fame. Shen is our other opponent." Veigar looked in the direciton she was, and could only see the head of the tower in the distance. "Besides," Veigar looked up to see Ashe fiddling with a snow-white arrow in her quiver, "I think we'll have a distinct advantage should the time come.

Morgana stood quietly, thinking over the placement of everyone. The wards were in place, and Blitz has passed by quite some time ago, meaning he had met up with Singed. The summoners had been conversing and Cho'Gath had been the member placed at the top. With Warwick in the jungle, that left three possibilities for her opponent in the middle lane, and the other two would face Shen and Vayne. Morgana couldn't trust Vayne, as she was new to the league, and it seemed like her ego and desire to purge evil would cloud her judgment in the league, but she wasn't sure. A loud horn blew in the distance, and the minions would begin flowing out of the Nexus, and the battle would begin. She looked up in the sky. This was going to be a great battle.

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(Hmm, ironically there is a thread discussing what happens when a champion is killed in battle somewhere else, i hope i didn't break the lore)

Katarina pulled out her daggers and stood up. Her keen senses attuned to even the small foot-steps alerted her the minions had arrived. She checked every socket across her armor, all her weapons were in check, and she was prepared to duel to the death on the field today. She turned behind her as the minions began approaching, and watched as the miniature fighters walked on without a sense of purpose, but simply to do battle for a cause they had no decision in. She walked behind the ranged minions, these were meat-shields that would provide protection from her foe. Katarina had the advantage of mobility, easily able to weave her way through minions should the situation call for it. Her knifes were capable of hitting between multiple targets, and she could therefore attack from the safety of her minions. As she walked behind them, she felt a burning sensation on her feet. She looked down to see a pool of black ooze had formed, and she ability kicked flipped out of harms way. Morgana stood behind her row of minions with a hand raised that had summoned the ooze. Maybe this would be harder than she had predicted...

Off in the top lane, Singed and Blitz watched as the minions approached and did battle. Cho'Gath was a short distance away, but stalking back and forth within range of the minions, so he could benefit from their fighting, and stay out of potential harm. This would be his downfall, for Singed and BlitzCrank had much experience with this tactic. In their pairing they could rip an opponent from not only the safety of their minions, but in fact proceed to launch said target into their own group of minions. The concept was simple enough, but because Blitz had needed to use over-drive to arrive on time, they would have to wait an experience level to launch there attack. These regulations drove Singed insane from time to time, saving his specially brewed potions for later in the fight, but they did serve there purpose. He wouldn't have to worry about losing limbs to Cho'Gath for quite a while. He watched the mindless minions battle, while fiddling with the cloth dangling across his shoulder. Even his specially brewed toxins were diluted a great deal. A flash of light shimmered of Cho'Gath's body. He had achieved another level, and would continue to out-pace Singed and BlitzCrank unless they could shut him out. He could detect the summoner was almost prepared to unlock his flip, and of course, BlitzCrank's Fist's, which would enable them to start the battle. All seemed well, but his focus on thought made his reflexes slow, for the next thing he felt a deep rumbling beneath him, and was suddenly launched in the air along BlitzCrank by multiple spikes erupting from the ground. Upon landing he turned to see Cho'Gath was no longer a safe distance away, and a piercing scream shut off his hearing momentarily, he was dazed and confused, and Cho'Gath had already retreated to safety. As singed gather his thoughts he looked to Blitz, who had nearly blown a fuse. They ran out of the brush, Singed undoing the cap to his poison releasing and thick purple smoke, as Blitz ran to the closest minion and began beating on it with his metal fists.

Cho'Gath growled a in a threatening way, "No ambush for you sneaky chemist, or robotic man." He laughed, or...groaned, Singed really couldn't tell, but it was aggravating him enough not to notice the ground shaking for a second time, and within moments he found himself airborne again. This would be a long fight.

Veigar, ecstatic as ever, had already forgotten his feud with Katarina, and was busy taunting the minions as he blasted the weakest ones away. With each vaporized minion his staff glowed, signaling a growing power. If he kept this up, he could be incredibly threatening, but the enemy team wasn't going to let him get away with this for long. Ashe pulled Veigar out of the way by his hood as a silver-tipped arrow whizzed by him. "What was that for!?" Arrow after arrow began shooting out of the brush, and Ashe returned fire. "Oooh i see!" Veigar cackled and headed towards the bush, when Shen's massive figure darted at an angle that spun Veigar around. "Oiiiiii" He wobbled for a second and aimed his staff toward's Shen "I'll show you! I'll show all of you!" Shen smirked and began to take stabs at the tiny wizard, as arrows shot out and pierced his robe. As fired a well-placed shot at Shen's calf, and he retreated to the brush without a word. Ashe detected that she had injured Shen, even with his thick armor, and that during her volley into the brush, hurt Vayne in the process. A spiral of blue light sprayed from the bushes, as well as around themselves. Now the fun began.

"She shot me! Can you believe that?!" Vayne was in distress as she stood in the brush a short distance from the minions, and pulled an arrow from her gut. "She is using just plain wooden arrows too. She could atleast have the decency to use something with a little more spice!" Shen dove and plucked her out of the brush just in time to avoid a volley of arrows that whizzed right by them.

"She's Ashe the Frost Archer for a reason, i'd watch yourself in the future." He yanked the arrow out of his leg, threw a specially designed dagger at an enemy minion, and began taking hits at it. As he did his wound closed. Vayne blinked. "You clearly don't know anything about the members of this fight. I have healing daggers, and a variety of shields to protect myself and my allies from harm. Ashe has freezing arrows, and a special arrow not many see and survive. As for the small one, for every target he kills, especially champions, his power grows. Over-time, his power trumps even the most powerful of champions." She gawked at him. How dare he tell her how to fight. She felt a chill and looked down. Her gawking had left her in the open, and an arrow had entered her left leg and a layer of ice began to form over the wound. She ripped the arrow out and dove behind her minions. This was not over.

Morgana continued her duel with Katarina, putting up a barrier when required to prevent incoming daggers from slicing her, and decimating Katarina's minions was a simple task. She had the advantage for now, but would have to hold back. She didn't want to get caught to far from her tower should Warwick get a taste for black magic. Katarina was an opponent Morgana was familiar with. As long as she kept her distance, and forced Katarina to continue retreating, she would be out of harms way. Katarina obviously had the same idea, for she cut down a minion, and began to charge for Morgana. She put her palm up and shot a black binding sphere at Katarina, only to have it whiz through a puff of smoke. Katarina had used her shunpo to get behind Morgana, who immediately put her hands straight down and summoned a pool of ooze around her, that silly trick wouldn't work on her, and she began running towards her minions. It was at this very moment when she heard through the link with her summoner that Warwick was headed her way...what luck. Katarina was between her and her turret, and Warwick had felt like lunch. Word had gotten to her late though, a howl cut through the sound of the battling minions, and the Werewolf, with red claws upon his front paws, and a red design across his fur, shredded through the bushes and leaped towards her. Katarina smirked and launched a dagger at Morgana simultaneously.

Things were not going as planned.

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very nicely written!

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Please good sir, I love your work, but please just accept the Summoner's Code and be a nice person so I don't have to read through a fog.

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Thanks for the compliments you guys, this is my first piece of work on here and it's great to have positive feed-back. I thought i HAD accepted the summoner's code, it bewildered me why my posts were still gray this long. Problem solved though.

Katarina's eyes changed in front of Morgana, there was a colder feeling than normal emitting from them. Her drive to kill had be souped up in this situation, and she was ready. She followed the dagger headed for Morgana. Morgana would have to make the choice. Her, or Warwick, and she knew with the two of them this would be quick work. Morgana turned, and raised a hand to Warwick. She would have to bind him, and hopefully be able to take enough hits from Katarina to make it back to her tower. Before she even had a chance to cast her spell, Warwick froze in the air on his own. He yelped loudly, and was suddenly yanked into the bushes. She would figure that out in a moment, she turned to katarina and raised a shield. The dagger made a small crack infront of Morgana's face, but the spinning of her barrier enabled her to keep perfect vision. She raised her hand this time towards Katarina, who was momentarily stunned by whatever was happening to Warwick. Another black sphere rocketed outward from the shield towards Katarina, who was suddenly frozen to the ground. Momentarily as it was, it was her opportunity.

Katarina struggled fiercely. What had gone wrong? She got Morgana away from her tower, Warwick had killed the Lizard King and temporarily gained his power, things were going perfect! She felt a burning sensation at her feet and shrieked. Morgana's pool had once again been formed under her feet, and she would be in deep trouble is this continued. Morgana had gotten Cocky, and turned towards the brush to hear an electric sound, and Warwick flying out of the bushes, beaten and bruised. A bright flash of light appeared in the brush, and another near their tower. Warwick could be seen limping away. She was unable to tell the Lizard King markings from the blood and injuries he had sustained. The special law items had been bent and chipped, but would be repaired. Katarina could feel the binding spell fade, and immediately used Shunpo to teleport to a minion beside Morgana. She raised a dagger just as Morgana turned to her. Horror swept over her face, this was bad. She wasn't a close-combat fighter. Just then a spiral of blue light formed around her and shone brightly. Morgana was smirking at her as she raised both hands towards the sky. A black tether had suddenly formed between Morgana's body, and Katarina's body, and it felt like it was infecting her nervous system. Her movements were slowed, and as she turned to run, the infection spread faster and faster. She managed to Shunpo to an ally minion wave that had just arrived, but she had already taken a great deal of damage. She limped towards her tower when she felt something on her leg. A giant golden fist and wrapped around her leg, with a tether into the brush. So that's what...

Before she could finish her thought, she was ripped across the ground and into the bushes, were upon a giant metal fist emitting sparks punch her with enough of an electric shock-wave that her heart stopped. The last thing she heard was the sputtering of gas.

"Ladies and gentlemen, FIRST BLOOD HAS BEEN DRAWN!" The crowd roared it's approval, and the special announcer on the field repeated his statement. 'First Blood' was heard by all the champions and summoner. Vayne and Shen had been assured by their summoners BlitzCrank had been given the final blow, and Morgana was given the assist. Veigar and Ashe were not so happy. This was a morale loss for their team, as first blood gave the champion responsible a bonus 100 gold to spend. Veigar turned up river and began to shout all manner of swearing. Vayne, ready to take out this evil creature, dove through the bushes. She turned and saw her dive, and before he could protect she had already fired an arrow through Veigar's body. He looked down at the arrow, cursed her name, and she felt the ground rumble. "Vayne...you just don't think." Shen headed for Veigar, but an arrow stopped him dead in his tracks. He would have to contend with Ashe.

Veigar focused his energy, and summoned a massive 5-pronged wall around Vayne. She wasn't sure what to make of it, but he walked through it with a devilish look, and a loud whistling could be heard. She looked up to see a massive object headed her away. In an attempt to dodge she attempted to dive between two of the prongs and escape, when suddenly her whole body was paralyzed. It felt like an electric current was shutting down her systems. What was the creature and what had he done to her? The feeling faded quickly enough that she managed to avoid taking any serious damage, but she was certain not to make that same mistake again. She looked at Shen, who had a small personal shield up deflected Ashe's arrows, now each with a white tint, and leaving a frozen layer on whatever they should hit. Vayne rolled past Ashe's minions, and pulled her massive cross-bow from her back. She readied it mid-roll, and fired a massive arrow through Ashe's shoulder, and she flew back onto the ground Veigar had lifted his hands, again, but she tumbled away from the minions just in time to avoid being within the massive ring once more. "Atleast you're a quick learner." Shen was bashing away at a minion with his special dagger to replenish any damage he had taken by Ashe, when he heard the familiar whistling noise, an explosion, and Vayne flying back past him. "Or i could be wrong..."

Singed was running in between minions, releasing his toxic gas that would kill them over time, and was enough to keep Cho'Gath from eating more of the minions that were out. Now that it was one on one though, he would have to play safe. Cho was not one to be taken lightly in a one on one situation. He had already grown a considerable size from the minions he had already devoured. At this point he resorted to simply impaling them all with spikes coming up from the earth, an ability Singed had grown accustomed to and could easily dodge in time. The thing he had problems dodging was that ear-shattering scream Cho would spit out from time to time. It was enough to drive him crazy. But that job was saved specifically for his Insanity Potion, when the time called for it that is.

Cho'Gath looked at the Chemist jumping in between minions, when suddenly first blood had been announced. He turned to face the river, where the Steam Golem had rushed through shortly before-hand. He wasn't sure what to make of it, maybe it was checking on something...he didn't know. His summoner's alerted him that BlitzCrank had in fact just killed Katarina, and Warwick was gravely injured. By Singed's expression, he was being given the same news, which proceeded to Cho'Gath taking advantage of yet another brilliant distraction. He stomped on the ground and charged.

Singed turned to Cho'Gath and laughed, did this beast really think...he was once again tossed into the ground, and landed on his legs. He was attempting to recover when the monster slammed into him, all claws forward, and let loose his mighty scream once more. Singed was so dazed from the fall, and every little attack from the minions he was gassing had added up, and the last thing he really remembers is darkness all around, the breaking of his glass tube, a crunching noise, and thinking to himself, "I think to much."

"Singed has been Slain" echoed across the field to all champions, summoners, and fans alike within moments of First Blood. BlitzCrank had been holding down the fort in the middle lane as Morgana had gone back to their pooling area to replenish herself after the fight with Katarina. She would put the bonus cash to good use, and was on her way when it was announced. She sighed. She was notified Cho'Gath was responsible, and felt like she honestly couldn't blame Singed. The monster was incredibly powerful, and Singed had a habit of getting distracted. She gave Blitz the signal as she lay down a pool on the back layer of minions. She had grown strong enough to kill the minions with easy, which translated to easy money. At least until Katarina came back, but even then she felt, that would be easy money.

The summoners were all so over-joyed they failed to notice their wards had broken. BlitzCrank had reached Top lane, and everyone else had reached level 6 at long last. Now the real fighting would commence, and the score stood: 1-1

Note: The 'Special Announcer' mentioned is a field only announcer, who only comments on first blood, pentakill, tower destroy, you know all that fun stuff you hear in game. Different from the other commentator who goes crazy shouting every detail to the fans.